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Lates episode Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show - with guest Moose

June 2, 2023 4:59 PM
Lates episode Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show - with guest Moose

The Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show is back with a new episode! The well-known Sneakerjagers show has been revamped and comes with a new episode every fortnight. In the show, Tim Beumers and Tommy Triggah talk to guests about the most remarkable happenings in the sneaker scene and share personal experiences. In the next episode, the duo welcomes Moose, owner of Moose Tattoo Rotterdam.

De Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show

The Great Tim & Tom Show comes out with a new episode this Friday. In the show, Tim and Tom keep you up to date with the latest sneaker releases and news. They don't do this alone, a guest is invited for each episode. The guests come from diverse backgrounds, but each share the same passion; trainers.

In the next episode, Maarten is our guest, aka Moose (@moosetattoo). Moose is a tattooist and artist with a graffiti background. In 2003, he opened his own tattoo shop in Rotterdam 'Moose Tattoo'. He is known for his colourful and monstrous tattoos. His background in graffiti can be seen in Moose's tattoo designs.

Besides a passion for tattooing, Moose has a love for hip-hop. Moose collects designer toys, art and sneakers and has a passion for Japanese culture. He is also co-owner of Mosa Toys, a company that designs and sells monstrous sofubi soft vinyl toys. An all-rounder, in other words. Under the motto 'Forever Young', Moose goes through life and joins Tim and Tom in the studio

Together with Moose, Tim and Tom discuss the latest news from the sneaker and art scene and share remarkable stories. The Great Tim & Tom Sneaker Show can be watched every fortnight on the Sneakerjagers YouTube channel and can also be listened to on Spotify and Itunes. In addition, Tim and Tom also discuss weekly releases on the Sneakerjagers Instagram channel and you can watch snippets of the show on the YouTube channel.

The next episode will be on 2 June 2023 at 4pm sharp on the Sneakerjagers YouTube channel. Tune in!