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La MJC x Mizuno Mondo Control 'Matière Grise'

July 10, 2020 1:25 PM
La MJC x Mizuno Mondo Control 'Matière Grise'

BOOM!? La MJC has already released some great collabs and always delivers with extremely fresh colorways on the best silhouettes of different brands. This week we can look forward to a retro classic of the Japanese sportswear brand Mizuno. Make some space on your shoe shelves for this gem: La MJC x Mizuno Mondo Control 'Matière Grise'!

But before we tell you more about the associated fund-raising campaign and La MJC, we first give you the release information for all those who don't need a detailed interview with us. More pictures are available as always below. ✌?

Release infos

The La MJC x Mizuno Mondo Control 'Matière Grise' is celebrating its release already this Saturday, July 11, 2020 at selected retailers. From 00:00 am on you can buy this pair of sneakers for €150. By clicking on the button below, you will be redirected to our list of all retailers who will sell the shoes. ⬇️

La MJC - Paris' Finest

Behind the name La MJC is the Parisian designer Michael Dupouy. He himself has already entered several collaborations with well-known sportswear brands and has always delivered extremely well. Especially in collaboration with colette, a high-fashion brand that also comes from Paris, and ASICS, La MJC has made a name for itself in the sneaker scene. How? Don't you know it yet?

Of course I will show you the splendours that came out in 2008, also briefly. The color combination is very similar to the upcoming Mizuno release:

Back to La MJC x Mizuno Mondo Control 'Matière Grise'..!

Michael Dubouy is also the co-founder of the streetwear label "Club 75", founded in 2015. With the upcoming collab with Mizuno the brand actually wanted to celebrate this year's fifth anniversary of the Club 75 flagship store in Paris. But due to the current situation with COVID-19 and the associated policy, this in-store event has fallen through the cracks. But La MJC and Club 75 do not let it get down and donate a large part of the proceeds to the Pateur Institute! In other words, La MJC is specifically committed to the fact that this research centre can deal even more with the fight against COVID-19. Thumbs up for it! ?? We all want that this difficult time is over as fast as possible!

Here is the official statement about this action from Club 75 itself:

La MJC x Mizuno Mondo Control 'Matière Grise' - detail overview


What a nice pair of sneakers! If I may also add my mustard for a moment: I'm a huge fan of the former La MJC x Colette x ASICS collab you could see above. And that's exactly how it looks with these gems of the also Japanese brand!

Good to know: Michael Dubouy is the very first collaborator allowed to edit the Retro 90's silhouette of the Mizuno Mondo Control.

But now let's really get to the details of the kickz: Let's start with the upper materials. Roughly speaking, we get a mix of mesh, suede and leather on the 'Matière Grise', using white and an off-white as the basic tones. Up to here the sneaker is kept quite plain. But of course La MJC has brought back bright colors and gave the Runbird logos of Mizuno a striking look. The sneaker comes with a pink, purple edged runbird on the outside of each shoe, and a purple, pink edged Mizuno logo on the inside of each shoe!

Further detailed highlights here are definitely the brandings on the grey heel panels. Here we get the Mizuno runbird on the right and the La MJC logo on the left shoe. Under the La MJC branding you can also find the slogan "Vivre Sans Temps Mort", which means "Enjoy life without the thought of a time of death". Small, embroidered Mizuno brandings on the side panels and a luxurious looking purple leather insole complete the round design and with logo prints again point out the cooperation of the two players.

Cop or Drop? What du you mean?

All sneakers in our Release Calendar can always rate by you with a thumb up or down. Cop ?? or Drop ??. By clicking on the button below you can add your own opinion. Of course you can also click on the button to see a list of all retailers. So you know where you can buy the nice sneakers on Saturday! ⬇️

That's it again with all information about the upcoming La MJC x Mizuno Mondo Control 'Matière Grise'. Of course you'll get some more pictures of the highlights here: