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Know your size - Sneaker Sizing Guide: Veja

October 4, 2020 9:06 AM
Know your size - Sneaker Sizing Guide: Veja

The sustainable and fairly produced sneakers of the Veja brand are increasingly moving into the spotlight. Maybe you too have been inspired by our contributions to the brand and if you now want to buy a Veja sneaker and if you are still unsure about the size, our sizing guide here will help you! Because you surely know this, dear community. You order a new pair of sneakers online, can't wait for them to arrive and then the moment of horror: You unpack your new darlings, put them on directly, but: they don't fit 😱!

The kicks are too big or too small, they press on the side, rub the heel or squeeze the toes in front… The disappointment in this case is of course super big! You have to send the shoes back and that is bad for the heart and bad for the environment as Kevin would say now! To prevent this from happening to you, we have an overview of the most popular Veja models here and explain how to determine your correct size for each shoe model! Let's Go!

Know your size!

But before we start there is a little excursion. In general it is important that you know your own shoe size exactly. Of course you can find that out in the store. In general, everyone can have their feet measured in the usual sneaker shops and thus determine your size there. Another advantage is that you can try on your favourite models directly. But if you want to shop fast and easy from home and online, we have the solution:

How do I find out my exact shoe size?

It's easy to do from home! All you need are two sheets of paper in DIN A4 size, a pencil, a ruler and best of all a nice person who can help you quickly.

Before we start measuring you need to know your feet swell a little during the day due to the strain. This is not a big deal, it's totally normal and you don't even notice it very often! But you should also bear this in mind when buying new sneakers. Therefore, you should measure your shoe size in the evening. To get an exact result, unfortunately the first thing to do is to get up!

The measurement: that's how it works!

Now we need the leaves and the pencil. Then you stand against a wall that allows you to stand completely straight and at the same time put your heel completely against the wall. Leave your socks on during the whole procedure, because you will wear them in your sneakers later. Now glue the sheet of paper to the floor in front of the wall and stand upright and straight on it with your heel against the wall as described above.

Then the person you asked for help comes into play! If you do the following yourself, it can distort the result! Your dear helper now has to use the pen to draw a circle around your foot. Then you can relax again and measure with the ruler: the distance from the lower edge of the blade (where the heel begins) to the tip of the foot. You can then write down the result in centimetres somewhere, because we are not quite at the end yet!

Because you have to do the whole thing again with your other foot? Why? Because everyone has two different sized feet. Now you take the larger measurement of both feet as a reference. With the help of a size chart you can now determine your individual shoe size! You can easily find it on the website of the respective brand. But please note: the information of the different manufacturers can differ and therefore you will not have the same size in every shoe. So always check the size chart of the respective brand if you want to be on the safe side.

The sizing guide for your sneaker styles from Veja

In this sizing guide we take a look at the most popular sneaker models from Veja as promised and tell you how they fit on your feet. Because even if you know your own size, many models of one brand still differ in their fit. This is also the case with Veja. There are also extra models in the cut for women and for men.

Veja V-10

Of course we start with a classic. The V-10 from Veja is designed in a wide variety of styles: leather, suede, vegan or even with mesh. And it is always sustainably produced. Its minimalist design is currently very much in vogue. But for this model you should always upsize half a size. Because the shoes are bigger than normal. However, you must also take into account that the shoes can still widen a little depending on the upper material!

Conclusion: size up a half size

Veja Campo

The Campo of Veja is also popular, especially for its minimalist design. Visually, the V on the side and the Heel Tab come in a variety of colours. By the way, most of these colours have a natural origin at Veja. The upper is made of one material throughout, mostly leather, but there are also vegan alternatives with similar characteristics. Here you are on the safe side with your normal size. The sneakers also have a common cut, so even with wide or narrow feet usually no problem!

Conclusion: the shoes fit true to size

Veja Rio Branco

A somewhat different model is the Rio Branco, which we now present. Compared to other Veja styles this sneaker has a rather rough, sporty silhouette. Furthermore the sole with a distinctive profile makes the style. The upper of the sneaker consists of mesh and overlays made of suede. This makes it comfortable and the fit on the foot is very flexible, as the materials stretch a little better than leather for example and also adapt to the foot. Here you can stay with your normal size, the shoes fit true to size. Because of the flexible upper you will have no problems with wider feet.

Conclusion: true to size and a flexible upper

Veja Esplar

Here we have once again a simple design for you. Also the Esplar from Veja is currently very popular and convinces with its versatility. The sneakers usually have a flexible and comfortable leather upper. The silhouette is cut a bit narrow and has a thinner sole than other Veja models. If you have very wide feet you can be on the safe side with half a size more. Otherwise the shoe fits true to size.

Conclusion: true to size, size up to half a size with very wide feet

As you are now well prepared and can safely determine your size, please have a look at our Sneaker News for other articles about Veja. Because apart from this Sneaker Sizing Guide, we were particularly enthusiastic about the history of Veja - highly recommended - because they pay attention to sustainability, fair working conditions and much more. In our sneaker collection you can directly buy your new Veja sneakers in the right size.

If you're not quite sure which size fits you best, even with other brands, then we'll link you here to an overview of all our sizing guides. Hopefully you will always find your favourite sneakers in the right size!