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KENZO x Vans Vault 2020 - casual, colorful, timeless

June 16, 2020 5:55 PM
KENZO x Vans Vault 2020 - casual, colorful, timeless

Flower power, fresh skate styles and timeless fashion - the brand new KENZO x Vans Vault 2020 collection hits the spot. The Parisian fashion company has rummaged through its archives and dug up an extremely cool and eye-catching floral print! These have been given two of the most popular silhouettes of Vans! Which exactly and how the whole thing looks like then, we will show you below in detail. But first check out the nice promotion video for this special collab:

I think with "casual and with many good vibes" you can describe this video well. In my opinion, the two brands have brought the vibe of the collection across very well with this KENZO x Vans Vault 2020 promo video! Moreover, it is immediately clear that the younger generation in particular should be addressed. Thumbs up! The video has already made me a real fan. But before we go on raving about the freshness of this collaboration, here's the release info:

Release Infos

In total you will have a selection of 6 sneakers in this collection. In other words, we get the SK8-Hi and Old Skool Vans with three different floral prints each (so far, none of the retailers announced the sale of the SK8-Hi 'Floral Yellow'). As soon as this changes we will let you know immediately :-). The entire Footwear Collection will be released on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at selected retailers and in all KENZO stores worldwide. Starting at €239 and with a little luck and a big wallet you can soon call your favourite your own.

⚠️ATTENTION: At most retailers you can buy the limited edition sneaker only via online raffle. An overview of the raffle lists can be found in our Release Calendar. Just click on the button of your favorite underneath here. 🙂

Vans Vault. Is this still Vans as we know it?

As we can see from the new KENZO x Vans Vault 2020 collection, we notice that despite collaboration with an established high-end fashion brand, the skate vibes are still in the spotlight. Deliberately natural and perfect to the beat of time. Vans remains true to itself and still markets this collab fresh as a style for the subculture and its lifestyle. But what is Vans Vault?

Here the skate brand has come up with a new name for this kind of exclusive collaboration. Some limited and extremely creative collaborations have been released under this brand name.

These are the new kickz of the collab:

As already mentioned, we get 5 different models of these eye-catching sneakers so far. All of them got the nice KENZO floral print in different color combinations and simply look good! The collection even has some surprises in store. Which one? Wait and see…but first you have to see for yourself what the kickz are like. (:


All in! The exclusives of the footwear:

As promised, the new KENZO x Vans Vault 2020 collection still has a few surprises in store! Beside the nice sneakers we get other limited stuff, just like a capsule collection should!

KENZO has also released an exclusive lifestyle item that will only be available from KENZO on its homepage or in its stores. The fashion brand will release a skateboard deck together with The Skateroom! Only 150 of these are sold worldwide. And all the revenue that is generated by this will be donated to a social skate project in Jamaica!

Check out the Insta account of The Skateroom. I know there's something cool coming when I look at the work on the site so far.

That's not it yet. To complete the collection, we're getting some 'Ready-To-Wear' clothes and cool accessories designed by KENZO's Creative Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista! Of course the floral print was used on all items. After all, everything has to fit perfectly!

My summary of the KENZO x Vans Vault 2020 collection

Quick and painless: If you can afford it, you can! There is nothing else wrong with the collection. KENZO has grabbed THE trend silhouettes of Vans and made everything right with a complete capsule collection to match the kickz. Full-prints are currently back in the streetwear business, so the collab scores here, too. For me definitely one of the top collabs of the year!

That was it also unfortunately already again from me to this sneaker highlight. If you want to have more news from the sneaker world to read, have a look at our Newsblog! Or would you rather look for a new gem of your favorite brand? In our Sneaker Collection you will find everything from Nike, to Air Jordan, to adidas and Reebok. Have fun, and until then. Peace!