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Karl Kani streetwear available at Snipes

October 14, 2021 12:00 PM
Karl Kani streetwear available at Snipes

At Snipes you can get items from streetwear brand Karl Kani. The brand was founded in 1989 and has left a great influence on the hip-hop world.

Karl Kani: 'The Godfather of streetwear'

The streetwear brand Karl Kani was founded by Carl Williams. Born in Costa Rica in 1968, Williams started designing clothes when he was sixteen. These items took their inspiration from the city of Brooklyn and the loose-fits soon became a characteristic of the urban brand.

Karl Kani Carl Williams
Designer Karl Kani l Photo by Getty Images Al Periera

As a designer, Williams was increasingly in demand for his clothing items such as the 'baggy jean'. It wasn't long before his urban fashion style was appealing to a wider audience. By 1989, business was so good that Williams changed his name to Karl Kani and established his eponymous business.

His hoodies and shirts were very popular in the hip-hop world and rappers such as Tupac and Biggie Smalls were spotted wearing items from the brand.

Karl Kani at Snipes

Karl Kani is also available at Snipes. The hoodies, shirts and puffer jackets with the signature logo are available for men and women. The urban fashion brand's signature logo takes its inspiration from Carl William's original name.

Kani stands for the question 'Can I'. The designer often asked himself if he could do or make something and soon the term got its own variant; 'Kani'.

Karl Kani Tupac
Rapper Tupac in Karl Kani l Photo from Karl Kani

Besides clothing items, Snipes also sells sneakers of the hip-hop brand. The new collection is online and has a lot of cool eye-catchers.

Karl Kani Retro Reversible Corduroy Puffer Jacket

This curduroy puffer has the signature logo on the chest and can be worn in two different ways. The jacket has a colourful print on one side and when worn inside out, it has a burgundy colour. The Karl Kani logo is printed on the chest and along the sleeves.

Karl Kani Retro Reversible Corduroy Puffer Jacket

Karl Kani College Pinstripe Baseball shirt

The College Baseball shirt by Karl Kani has a retro look. The assymetric shirt combines the colours yellow and blue and has 'Kani' written on the chest.

Snipes Karl Kani college shirt

Karl Kani Signaturr Crop Nicki Hoodie

This ladies' hoodie has been given a velvet look with the signature logo on the chest. The lilac jumper has a cropped fit and can be combined with matching shorts.

SnipesSignaturr Crop Nicki Hoodie

Karl Kani Small Signature Fake Leather shirt

The imitation leather shirt by Karl Kani has a chic look and is easy to combine with a cool trainer or hoodie. The leather shirt is black and has the Kani logo on the chest. This logo is also stitched in black. Complete the outfit with the matching imitation leather trousers.

Snipes Karl Kani leren shirt
Snipes Karl Kani leren shirt

Karl Kani Wide Leg jeans

The 'baggy jeans' is characteristic for the brand. These jeans for women have an asymmetrical design and two different colours of denim. The K-logo is stitched on the back pocket. The K-logo can also be seen on the front pocket. These jeans can also be combined with a matching jacket.

Karl Kani Wide Leg broek

Karl Kani Signature Striped sweatpants

These striped sweatpants not only have a very comfortable fit, they also have a very sporty look. The pant has a black and white colorway and the Kani signature is printed on the right leg. The K emblem is also stitched on the left back pocket.

Karl Kani Signature Pinstripe Sweatpants

Retro Reversible Puffer Jacket

There is also a reversible puffer jacket for the ladies. This jacket shares the colours blue and brown and has a plaid print. The logo is stitched on the chest on both sides.

Karl Kani reversible jacket
Karl Kani reversible jacket

Bucket hat

Finally, there is a bucket hat from the streetwear brand. This hat is black and has the signature logo stitched in white on the front. The hat gives your outfit a retro look and can be combined with every fit.

Karl Kani Bucket hat
Bucket Hat black

Karl Kani is still relevant after 30 years and stays up-to-date with his new designs. Check out the collection on Snipes and pick out your new outfit.

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