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Jordan Carranza designs an Air Jordan 1 by Make-A-Wish

November 19, 2021 8:00 PM
Jordan Carranza designs an Air Jordan 1 by Make-A-Wish

Carranza was born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This means that his muscles slowly break down and weaken. His big wish was to design his own sneaker and the Make-A-Wish foundation gave him the opportunity to do so. So Carrenza designed a new FlyEase PE with Air Jordan.

For the design, 13-year-old Carrenza took his inspiration from his own life. A wheelchair logo can be seen on the heel and the label of the right shoe also features this element. Jordan Carranza's initials can also be seen on the design. The two letters 'JC' are incorporated in the Wing logo.

“What inspired me to make this shoe is that Nike has always been my favorite brand, and I have always wanted to make a shoe", tells Carranza. "The reason I made a handicap style is that it shows me that just because you’re  disabled doesn’t mean that your dream can’t come true.”

On the midsole of the Air Jordan 1 is the quote: "Just because you're disabled doesn't mean that your dreams can't come true" written in Carranza's handwriting.

The Jordan Carranza x Air Jordan 1 FlyEase PE will not be released to the wider public. However, Carranza will get its own PE watch and will be available from 18 November 2021.