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Jonah Hill x adidas Superstar: Personal, creative, together!

July 10, 2020 1:10 PM
Jonah Hill x adidas Superstar: Personal, creative, together!

Jonah Hill x adidas - BÄM - it's finally here and the long awaited Superstar collab celebrates its release! 'This is a dream for me to start the journey of creating with a team I respect and love.' This is what the popular actor himself said about the project before the start of the collaboration. And now that the style is finally hitting the shelves, we know that something really good has come out of it. With a lot of love and attention to detail, Jonah Hill has given the legendary silhouette its own touch and we celebrate the style to the extreme!

If you are not yet so convinced, then read on and at least be convinced of the story behind shoe ?! And for all who are already fans: The button below will take you directly to a list of all retailers. Attention: At adidas itself the whole thing is just an exclusive 'Waiting Room Release'. This means that only a limited number of people will get access to the launch at random.

The sneaker will celebrate its release on Saturday, July 11, 2020 at 08:00 am and can then be bought for €130 in these shops:


Jonah Hill x adidas Superstar: The details

Before I tell you more about the collab of adidas and Jonah Hill and the story of the legendary Superstar, I would like to introduce these nice kickz to you! Because there is a lot to see! What we know and love about the Superstar will definitely be kept in this collabo, but it got a fancy makeover.

That means in detail: The famous shell toe is a little smoother and shinier here. The three stripes are not jagged but rounded, white and look a bit like they are part of the uppers. The heel tab is in a dark green, has eye-catching seams and bears Jonah Hill's initials in light green.

Other highlights include the artistically embroidered Superstar logo in the actor's handwriting. On the other hand, the wide laces with print are inspiring. The good style and comfort that the Superstar brings with it is of course also available here! Jonah Hill simply adds a lot of visuals:


Jonah Hill and adidas - a collab with heart

"I wanted to create the fantasy version that I would have liked to have had when I first wore the shoe." - so there's a lot of heart and personality in this sneaker style. Hill also says the sneaker is "as personal as it gets for me."

The collaboration was created in the course of the adidas 'Change is a Teamsport' campaign. The silhouette of the adidas Superstar celebrates its 50. birthday this year and in honour of this, the brand with the three stripes celebrates community and team spirit with its silhouette! So the campaign is all about the importance of cohesion in this world and what you can achieve as a team! "A Superstar can't do it alone!" - adidas

In the course of this project, Jonah Hill also emphasizes the importance of different generations coming together and the role creativity plays in our world. Important and big changes can only be made in a team! And the Superstar fits into this, of course, because over the years he has brought people together! His style has remained so changeable and yet so classic. He is now a must-have in every shoe closet.

adidas x Jonah Hill

The Jonah Hill x adidas Superstar is not the only sneaker the actor gives his very own character to. We suspect that two Samba silhouettes of the collab will are going to release this summer. One of them in a dark green and the other in a dark red. If we know more about the release of the sneakers, you will find out in our Sneaker News!

But you are welcome to stop by there beforehand! Because here we have the latest information from: The world of sneakers, great styles, our WMNS Club, sports news and much more! Below I link you once again with the button of all selected retailers who sell our new Superstar: