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Is that a Jaden Smith New Balance collab?

July 13, 2020 9:44 PM
Is that a Jaden Smith New Balance collab?

Jaden Smith 'New Balance Vision Racer' is the 'Vision Breaker' is the Newsbreaker! One year ago New Balance entered into a partnership with Jaden Smith and finally, dear community, it is here! Jaden Smith will probably get his well-deserved collab now! After his custom New Balance 990v5 pair caused quite a stir because he combined the pair with an LV's Arch Runner midsole. The Jaden Smith x New Balance collab is scheduled for release this summer 2020, so be excited! If you want to find out on which New Balance silhouette this collab will take place, then continue to read!

By the way: Below we have marked his single 'Summertime in Paris' for you! Whew… yes summer 2020 will for sure not take place in Paris… .

The Jaden x New Balance deal!

Also after his partnership deal with New Balance, a month later, after the signing of the deal, a New Balance commercial with Jaden Smith, Kawhi Leonard, Jamie Foy and Francisco Lindor was released. The New Balance campaign was entitled 'Runs in the Family' and featured all the artists and athletes under contract with New Balance.

Below you will find the YouTube commercial or the campaign. New Balance chose Jaden Smith's single 'I' as background song! This gives the spot the final kick and reinforces the message of the New Balance campaign!

By the way: If you click on the button 'Skip' at the bottom right of YouTube you will get directly to the content.

The collaboration!

Let us now turn to the Jaden New Balance kickz! Via post on Instagram Jaden Smith has teasered his collab with New Balance. Want to see the post? Your browser doesn't accept the hottest sneaker news at the moment, but you can change that! Please turn on the cookie function… Hope that works for you! Otherwise click here for more information or to view the Instagram post!

By the way: 'Deliveries and returns at New Balance may be delayed due to the restrictions of Covid-19 at the moment'. - So if the pair drops you should be aware that the kickz might not arrive right away!

Back to Jaden's IG post! See the shoe! If your order is over €50 at New Balance, you'll get a picture of the collab! Joke! The 'real' IG post can be found below! Have a look at the crazy ad!

The collab takes place on the New Balance Vision Racer silhouette! Maybe you already read my rhyme at the beginning and probably didn't even understand what I mean by that. But yes, the Jaden Smith x NB collaboration takes place on the New Balance Vision Racer silhouette! And we have some nice pics of the kickz for you! Enjoy!

Vision Racer
Vision Racer
Vision Racer