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Is he coming soon? - Atmos x adidas ZX 8000 'G-SNK 3

July 6, 2020 5:23 PM
Is he coming soon? - Atmos x adidas ZX 8000 'G-SNK 3

The release of the Atmos x adidas ZX 8000 'G-SNK 3' is already half an eternity away... After the unmistakable sneaker was released at Atmos in Tokyo at the end of May, we have not had the luck to be able to celebrate the release of the dope collab or even an announcement of a release date here in Germany. The question of all questions is now: Are the pairs still coming? Or do we all have to be satisfied with the fact that, like with the recently released Sean Wotherspoon x Atmos x ASICS collab, only our Japanese sneaker friends can be happy about the nice kickz?

What? This is the first time you've heard of the triple-collab? Then click on the button at the bottom of this blog post to read more about the Sean Wotherspoon x Atmos x ASICS Collabo!

#TheCrew - background check!

Before we start with the overview of the colorway and move on to the special features of the design, there is a little bit of knowledge for those who don't know Atmos yet and would like to learn more about the background of the actor. Let's go! ?

[You already have the knowledge? Just scroll down and treat yourself to our small detailed analysis and the most important information about the release date of the Atmos x adidas ZX 8000 'G-SNK 3']!


Atmos is a very famous Japanese streetwear and sneaker boutique from Tokyo, Japan. The founder of the popular retail store is Hidefumi Hommyo, who opened his store for the very first time in 2000. At that time, Atmos' success story began in the narrow side streets of Ura-Harajuku in Tokyo. In the beginning, the founder sold mainly clothes with prints of his own label under the brand name Atmos.

Over the years then, Atmos expanded its influence in the sneaker scene and brought the big and popular brands we all wear to the market and to the feet of sneaker enthusiasts in Tokyo.

A few years later, Atmos gradually made a name for itself and quickly established itself in the emerging Japanese sneaker & streetwear scene with a number of coveted collaborations. Since then, Atmos has entered into several legendary collaborations. Okay, to mention the two competing brands in one sentence is actually almost a no-go, but besides the adidas collabs, Atmos has attracted the most attention with its collaborations with Nike. Here, an extremely large number of Air Max silhouettes are at the top of the grails and have made history. They are among the most sought-after sneakers on the market.

Started from the bottom, now…Atmos has six stores in Tokyo, one in Osaka, one in Seoul in South Korea and an international outlet in New York City. ?

Back to the Atmos x adidas ZX 8000 'G-SNK 3

Now that everyone knows who Atmos is, we want to take another look at the 'G-SNK 3'. But before that we have some nice pictures of the nice kickz:

Atmos x adidas ZX 8000 'G-SNK 3' - the details

What is of course immediately striking is the crazy, hairy and flashy material that was used here on base. The ZX8000 silhouette has been given a yellow, horse-skin-like material on the base instead of a normal mesh. As we already know from earlier collabs of Atmos x adidas, we also get overlays in reptile-like look! And as if the whole fur-reptile-combo wasn't crazy enough already, Atmos goes one better and gives the sneaker a bright neon-green hue on some overlays. Also the midsole and the typical torsion lacetag come in this color. Some other overlays come with black suede. The heel reinforcements, the sockliner, the laces and the sole are also dyed black here. The co-brandings on the tongue and the lace tips complete the design and make the shoe complete.

⬇️ As promised, here is more extremely interesting material from another Atmos collab! Which sneaker do you find better? ?⬇️

?: @atmos_tokyo