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In 2024 Vault by Vans will be renamed OTW by Vans

June 24, 2023 7:51 AM
In 2024 Vault by Vans will be renamed OTW by Vans

In 2003, Vans introduced the sub-label Vault by Vans, which launched new designs and collaborations with streetwear labels, designers and retailers each season. These exclusive designs were only available in selected shops. After 20 years, Vans decides to rebrand the division as OTW by Vans, which will be officially launched in early 2024.

This means production of Vault by Vans designs will cease by the end of 2023. This will make room for Vans to launch OTW by Vans, including its own e-commerce experience and a carefully curated selection of global wholesale partners.

Two product lines will be launched: OTW, working with partners pushing the boundaries of design expression, and Premium Standard, a high-end collection featuring iconic Vans silhouettes.

Ian Ginoza, vice president of Creative Direction for Pinnacle, emphasises that this rebranding goes back to Vans' original roots: "OTW by Vans is a refocus on who we really are… back to 'Off The Wall'."

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