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How adidas Yeezy became one of the biggest players in the sneaker world

September 27, 2021 9:00 PM
How adidas Yeezy became one of the biggest players in the sneaker world

The adidas Yeezy in collaboration with rapper Kanye West is perhaps one of the most influential collabs in the sneaker world. The collaboration began in 2015 and since then the two have released many iconic pairs. The sneakers are still very popular and characteristic of adidas to this day.

The beginning of Yeezy

American rapper Kanye West, known for songs 'Power', 'Runaway' and 'Gold digger', began his collaboration with adidas in 2015. In 2006, Kanye had already created a sneaker with adidas, but it was never released. The rapper worked with Nike until 2013, where he started the brand 'Yeezy' with creative director Mark Smith.

The first Yeezys were released under the name Nike and soon the prices of these sneakers went through the roof. The Nike Air Yeezy 1 was the first collab of Kanye and Nike. The prototype of this model was sold in 2021 for 1.8 million dollars. The Nike Air Yeezy 2 was also a great success and the fiery red 'Red October' (2014) was the last sneaker released by Kanye and Nike.

Kanye West wore the Nike Air Yeezy 2 'Red October' for the first time during his performance on SNL (2013).

adidas Yeezy

In 2013, adidas confirmed its collaboration with Kanye. The brand released their first collab in 1986 with rap group Run D.M.C. and since then many sneaker brands have paired their name with hip-hop artists. Yeezy released the first model in February 2015. The Yeezy Boost 750 was the first model to hit the market. This high heeled pair had a beige/grey colour and had a release price of $350.

Kanye wears the Yeezy Boost 750 for the first time on designer Tracey Mills' Instagram account

The Boost 750 was followed by pairs such as the Boost 350, Boost 700 and the adidas Yeezy 500. The Boost 350 in particular received much praise and colorways such as 'Zebra', 'Black Red' and the 'Beluga' went very fast. The tactic for releasing these shoes was to produce as few copies as possible. The deadstock tactic worked well with previous adidas collaborations and Kanye capitalised on this.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Zebra
The Yeezy Boost 350 'Zebra'

In 2018, the rapper announced the biggest adidas Yeezy drop ever. He promised access to the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 'Triple White' to anyone interested in the Yeezy pair. In 2018, the rapper and adidas also re-released multiple models. For example, the famous Yeezy Boost 700 'Waverunner' was a restock, as well as the Boost 350 'Zebra'.

Best-selling Yeezys

In the history of this collaboration, a lot of iconic pairs have been released. The adidas Yeezy Boost 350 is still considered one of Yeezy's most iconic models. After the drop, it was sold for hundreds of euros above the retail price. This made the model almost unattainable, which only made the sneaker more popular.

The Yeezy Boost 700 'Waverunner' was also a huge success with its colourful colorway. Released for the first time in 2017, the silhouette could be resold after the drop for four times the resell price. This hunt for the adidas Yeezys made the models highly sought after.

Yeezy Boost 700 Waverunner
The Yeezy Boost 700 'Waverunner'

Current and future releases

adidas and Kanye West are still releasing new models and variations of the Yeezy's. For example, the Yeezy Slides were first released in 2019 and have had a lot of different colorways since then. Many models from the Yeezy collection were also re-released in 2021.

On 25 September 2021, the adidas Yeezy 700 V2 'Mauve' comes out and the colorway 'Wash Orange' of the Boost 700 is expected in Autumn 2021.

The models of adidas Yeezy continue to be a great success. Whether it's the Slides, the Boost 350's or the Boost 700's, Yeezy has a big influence on the sneaker world. If you don't want to miss a single Yeezy or adidas release, keep an eye on the release calendar. Also, download our Sneakerjagers app and stay up-to-date on all new sneaker releases.