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High-End Fashion Sneaker

April 25, 2020 9:33 AM
High-End Fashion Sneaker

In the following blog I tell you all about the trendiest high-end fashion sneakers that you have probably heard of! Sneakers are by no means just sneakers and have developed into status symbols. Shoes have gained more and more status in the right decades due to the fashion, sport, art and music scene. The sneakerheads among you have known for a long time that money is often no longer enough to get an exclusive model of a sneaker.

Even big fashion labels like Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton, who actually exercise their design on high-quality handbags or evening gowns, are currently focusing on cool sneaker creations that are endlessly hyped! The shoes of the big brands are often very futuristic. They adorn the feet of the most famous influencers on Instagram and even stars cannot get enough of them. If you choose a high-end fashion sneaker, you not only love sneakers, but are also totally fascinated by fashion.

I am a fashion victim, and I know it.

.. how it all started

From sporty sneakers for the basketball court and the fitness studios or the perfect sports shoes for running and your workout, over the streets to the catwalks! So sneakers have really gone through all facets and everyone has at least one pair! There were times when the quest for innovation in the sneaker game focused only on increasing performance. The optimal ratio between stability and light weight, as well as the perfect cushioning, was the top priority for well-known brands. However, since rapper icons started wearing Gucci instead of sweatpants - or even Gucci sweatpants and models are showing designer sneakers at haute couture shows - the way between high-end fashion sneakers and simply the term sneaker has separated.

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High-End: Exclusive Releases

Releases such as the Supreme x Louis Vuitton designer sneaker without exception blew up all social media channels on which business-minded sneaker fans tried to get hold of the exclusive shoe. In the case of this sneaker, it became a very lucrative venture - changing hands for over $2,000. Incredible, is not it? While in the past it was the case to scrub your favorite shoe with a toothbrush before buying new ones, today many are investing their own monthly salary in high-end sneakers, which are now a real luxury item.

In the 90s, commercial fashion experienced a hype never known before. The 80s resulted in wealthy customers with very high standards and flourishing brands with a lot of capital. But even at this time, Gucci produced minimalist tennis shoes, which could only be used in the hip-hop scene.

The fashion became a little quieter, less extravagant and experimental than in previous years. The garments were simply more minimalistic and much more functional. This is why it was worthwhile for big designers to get into the lucrative sneaker business and design high-end sneakers. After the sneakers successfully found their way into the fashion world, it was only a further development to make high-quality sneakers tasty for the scene. Nike took the first step in 1999 and worked with Junya Watanabe on the design of the Zoom Haven. However, while Nike conjured up new and contemporary silhouettes, adidas took care of tried-and-tested classics and had them created by designers.

After the turn of the millennium, sneakers increasingly left their sporty designs. It said goodbye to minimalism and retro charm. Extravagant and colorfully decorated sneakers conquered the streets.

Stars also create High-End Fashion Sneaker

.. and then at some point Kanye West came. Years before the launch of the Yeezy, the rapper designed his first designer sneaker with Louis Vuitton. The collection, which is so small, settled the entry of sneakers into the high-end fashion world and established many designer shoes, also among hip-hop fans and skaters - who previously specialized in Air Max, Vans and Superstars.

Now one thing is clear: Nowadays, luxury and sportswear collaborations are part of everyday business. So if you are just getting to know the high-end sneaker business, you shouldn't be surprised about sinfully expensive special editions!

Now you’ve had enough of history, right? Then stay here, because now I come to the most important part of the article and show you a selection of the coolest high-end fashion sneakers!

The High End Fashion Sneaker

Balencia Track 2 Sneaker

Yeah yeah, right! The tracking shoes are really hip. Originally for use as an outdoor training shoe or hiking shoe, the Track 2 Balenciaga sneakers conquer all catwalks and street style looks. It is clear that the Balenciaga brand also plays an empowered role. Not every tracking shoe looks as good as this one. In addition to the Triple S, Track 2 is already another bestseller of the fashion label. You can find the shoe for example from our partner Farfetch for €695 and in many other colors.

Off-White Off-Court 3.0 High Top Sneaker

As you now know, in addition to it bags from major fashion labels such as Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Chanel, a fashion sneaker is clearly the new status symbol. Even large fashion houses and online shops have included cool high-end sneakers in their range. Farfetch also has the super cool Off-White Off Court 3.0 high top sneaker in its range and is available for €565 in the online shop. Attention: Please do not swallow at the prices, the high-end sneakers have that in themselves. With this shoe you can only feel confident!

I'm more into confidence or having something to say

Virgil Abloh

Gucci Flashtrek Sneaker with removable crystals

A real eye-catcher and really chunky right? The multicolored crystals are embroidered on a removable elastic strap that wraps around the sneakers and also provides a kaleidoscope effect. The Gucci shoe line is inspired by the world of hikers and combines an oversized design with dream-like designs. The lively accessories with a mixture of metallic leathers in different colors are characterized by the Gucci patch with the graphic font from SEGA. In addition, the colors, for example, are reminiscent of an essential component in the colored arcades and game stores full of video slot machines from the 80s. No matter if blue, pink and gold and also metallic and leather! Price: €1,200

Saint Laurent Court Classic SL/06 Sneaker

Creative director Anthony Vaccarello also offers a ready-to-wear range for men and women, including many cool high-end sneakers. Among other things, the Saint Laurent Court Classic SL/06 sneaker. The designer shoe offers you high quality from its calf leather. The logo on the heel counter and its flat rubber sole ensure an eye-catcher on your foot and can round off your outfit perfectly. You can buy it from Farfetch for €514.


It was cool to find out, wasn't it? And of course I hope that I could inspire you with the performances of the Balenciaga, Gucci, Saint Laurent and Off-white high-end fashion sneaker. However, if the prices are too high for you or you still need some time to save, please check our Release Calendar. There you will find everything about the upcoming releases of cool and unusual shoes. And the prices are not quite as high as those of high-end fashion sneakers. In addition, I am always happy if you diligently check out the blogs on our Newsblog - you can also learn cool stories or campaigns about the world of sneakers. Have fun!