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Gucci Sneaker - Luxury Sneaker par excellence

September 18, 2020 2:39 PM
Gucci Sneaker - Luxury Sneaker par excellence

What' up Community, ready for a blog about the Champions League of High End Fashion and their sneakers. Today we focus on the Italian luxury brand Gucci and their legendary Gucci sneakers.

The Gucci Story - from Italien into the world

Gucci's story begins in 1921 Guccio Gucci, founded the Gucci brand in 1921. The beginning of Gucci is not one that has anything to do with fashion. In the beginning, almost all luggage is handmade, for the upper class of Italy. Over time, smaller leather goods and leather shoes were added. The decisive phase in Gucci's development came during the Second World War. As leather became scarce, the company began to produce clothes in cotton. During the Second World War, the double G logo was created for the brand. A small fact on the edge of the GG stands, as you can almost imagine, for the initials of the founder Guccio Gucci. In addition to the GG logo, which is still valid today, the green-red-green stripe was also created during the Second World War. This can still be seen on many products today.

In the 1950s, Gucci became the brand of the Hollywood stars and rich people of the world. 1953 the founder Guccio Gucci died and his sons took over. This did not stop the rapid rise of the Italian company. In the 1960's, accessories such as watches and sunglasses were added to the range. The rise did not stop until 1983, when the next generation change in Gucci's management took place. In addition, there were several scandals that severely damaged Gucci's image.

Tom Ford the savior

This period of weakness lasted until 1990. Then Tom Ford came and took over as designer and saved the staggering giant with his designs. Ford has been a Gucci designer for 14 years. When he left in 2004, Gucci was in a better position than ever before. But it doesn't stop there, Frida Giannini takes over for the next 10 years and the rise continues. But the climax only comes with Giannini's successor, Alessandro Michele. He takes over in 2014 as designer and with designs that appeal to the younger generation, Gucci achieves record sales in 2017, representing 11% of the Kering Group. Kering is the parent company of many luxury brands, including Alexander McQueen, which you can read more about by clicking on this link, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent and many more.

2020, Alessandro Michele is still head designer of the Italian fashion house and his sneakers are an everyday companion of the sneaker scene, because you see Gucci sneakers on the street almost every day. That's why we're now offering the 5 best Gucci silhouettes from the current collection. If you like the sneakers, click on the pictures to go directly to the product page and don't worry if you like the silhouette but not the Colorway, there are many different Colorways of all models.

Gucci Ace Sneaker - the classic

The absolute classic. New designs have been coming out regularly for years, but the basic idea of the sneaker remains the same. This is exactly right, because the Ace Sneaker is a simple luxury sneaker that convinces with its details on the classic silhouette. Whether it's with a bee or other animals as shown here or the more unusual designs, the Gucci Ace is the luxury sneaker.

Gucci Ace
Gucci Sneaker Ace
Gucci Ace Sneaker

Gucci Ace High - the classic but high

Same story as the low-top Gucci Ace, a classic silhouette that remains consistent and trendy with new designs. In the example shown, the silhouette is decorated with the Gucci Band logo, which is intended to represent a community of different cultures and personalities in the same society.



Straight out of the 2020 Cruise Collection

The latest silhouette from Gucci. This silhouette debuted in the Cruise Collection 2020. Inspired by a running shoe, the Gucci Ultrapace is a suede sneaker that is a blend of running shoe and high fashion sneaker. The silhouette is adorned with so many details that I'd need a new blog to introduce you all, so check out the Runner for yourself.

Gucci Ultrapace
Ultrapace Gucci
Ultrapace Gucci Schuh

High End Slip ons

For the warmer months, you can't go without a quality Slip On Sneaker and of course Gucci has one in its range. Super easy to put on, extremely high quality and fresh details with the engraved GG's on the upper. What more could you want when you're in the heat and want comfortable sneakers.

Slip on
Slip on

Gucci Rhtyton - The perfect chunky Sneaker

As is well known, the best always comes at the end, so here's my personal favourite at the end. The Gucci Rhtyon is the perfect Chucky Sneaker. A mega silhouette on which there are so many designs that there is something for everyone, whether plain and simple with no prints or completely printed with eye-catching designs. There is really everything. Then there is the fact that the shoe is incredibly comfortable. So comfortable that you can walk on it all day without any problems. Shown here is the new Colorway with Mickey Mouse on it. Maybe more something for the girls here. Guys don't worry, there are also more than enough designs for us.

Gucci Mickey Mouse

That's the way it was with all the important Gucci sneakers, I hope you enjoyed it and learnt something new about the Italian brand.