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Golden Goose combines craftsmanship and luxury

November 3, 2021 9:00 PM
Golden Goose combines craftsmanship and luxury

From the canals of Venice to the Stakeparks of Los Angeles and directly into the walk-in wardrobes of stars and fashionistas, Golden Goose has become an integral part of the streetwear and sneaker game.

Golden Goose combines craftsmanship and luxury in streetwear and sneakers and always tries to live up to its own high standards - with success.

Here you will find all the information and facts about the history, the designers and the models, and we will show you where you can treat yourself to the high-quality sneakers from our partners.

True to the motto: 'Better too early than too late', the Golden Goose are certainly also a great Christmas gift, for him and her.

Golden Goose Facts

  • - 14 different models for ladies and men
  • - Sneakers, boots, clothing and accessories in the range
  • - Online and in-store
  • - Recognition value through 'Stars'
  • - Price range: €300 - 500 retail
  • - Handmade
  • - Vintage design and the combination of used look and luxurious elements

Golden Story & Philosophy

The brand was founded in Venice in 2000 and is classified as a high-fashion or luxury brand. However, this is not only due to the somewhat higher-priced models, but above all to the fact that they are designed and manufactured by hand.

golden goose story
golden goose story

The designers' proximity to street style and modern fashion, as well as their collaboration with other artists, gave rise to the premise of uniting traditional Italian sartorial art with the modern world.

From 2014 until today, the brand has grown enormously. The year 2019 in particular was a great success, with the number of stores worldwide increasing from 58 to over 100. The recipe for success is based on service and experience orientation for the customer.

GG stores
Nicki Lange
GG Motto

Perfect Imperfection

In our family, we want everything to be as imperfect as possible. Life is not perfect. We instil life into what we do. - GOLDEN GOOSE

Top 5 Golden Goose Models


Super Star

The classic, the legend from Golden Goose! Made of cowhide, cotton, suede and rubber, the sneaker meets the highest quality standards. The 'GGDB - Star' is characteristic. The silhouette stands for comfort, casualness and versatility.

Sky Star

Sky Star

The Sky Star is a reinterpretation of classic hip hop and basketball kicks from the eighties. It promises college vibes and vintage flair.



The 'Ballstar' is also a tribute to the sneaker cult of the eighties. There is also a wide variation of materials in different colorways. However, premium goatskin from Italy is mainly used. Suede leather and foam rubber elements are also used. But of course always with the iconic star.



The 'Yeah' is more inspired by the nineties and is the symbiosis of dynamics and style. The 'Solid White' in cowhide leather is really nice.



Similarly nostalgic, but really clean comes the Stardan in 'Total White'.

Perfect with chinos and a casual shirt. Office look on fleek.

Check out the selected styles at our partner Engelhorn, who also adds new Golden Goose styles every now and then.

Golden Goose Lab - Ultimate individuality

The fact that GG is a specialist in craftsmanship, customisation and experience becomes clear when you take a look at the GG Labs: here it is possible to make your own shoe in collaboration with an expert. Not only can you choose your own colours and details, but you can even select the manufacturing and craftsmanship techniques.

Golden Goose

Here at Sneakerjagers, we are thrilled with the high-priced GG sneakers and their concept. The coexistence of tradition, perfection, love for craftsmanship, vintage designs, sportiness and modernity under one roof is certainly worth every penny of the sneakers with the proud price tag.

Be sure to check out our website in the near future. Soon Golden Goose sneakers will also be available in our overview and search.