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Give us a Nike Blazer Mid '77 Vintage and we make sneaker customizing 2.0!

June 28, 2020 3:58 PM
Give us a Nike Blazer Mid '77 Vintage and we make sneaker customizing 2.0!

Sneakerjagers community! Attention please ?, because we were busy busy busy for you and present a real good thing today! A portion of Nike Blazer White Leather pack, a little something for the WMNS among us, trend ingredients like minimalistic mixed with a touch of luxury and the term couture - ready is the Nike sneaker customizing called Nike Blazer Leather 'Minimalistic Couture' by Sneakerjagers.

The silhouette of the Nike Blazer is a real icon! Known as a basketball sneaker in 1973, it is now one of the most stylish silhouettes on the sneaker market: Nike Blazer Mid '77 Vintage.

Nike Blazer Mid '77 Vintage Men's Shoe


As you have probably noticed, we have gathered some talents with our #TheCrew, including Carla, who studied fashion design. Believe me, this young lady is bursting with creative energy, so this project came at just the right time - one where she can really live it up for a few days ? But don't worry, we've got it all written down for you, so you can customize the steps. Anything you want, with your own fabric, other colors, etc., etc. And when you've done it, you know where the photos should go, right? We just say: Insta, your best sneaker-pic and #sneakerfundstück!

So folks, get ready for a good dose of Nike Blazer sneaker customization at its best!

Minimalistic Couture merges best of two styles: Minimalism with its plain fabrics and straight silhouettes, no wrinkles or frillies. Less is more. And as a conspicuous contrast Haute Couture defined by extraordinary silhouettes, cloth and embroideries. Combining these two styles together will create something never seen before.

Carla Hieby

The idea

Before one sets out on such a big task, the first step is to come up with ideas and sketches. Our idea was to reflect the theme 'Minimalistic Couture' in a sneaker. The basic structure of the sneaker and the statement of the silhouette should not be changed. The colors stay soft and harmonize. The minimalistic aspect of the sneaker can be found in the basic structure and the colors as well as in the simple fabrics. The couture can be found in everything that we put on the sneaker. We have worked a little bit with tulle, neoprene and gold. So the perfect ingredients for our minimalistic, but still eye-catching sneaker. To give you a better idea of what we're going to do, here are Carla's sketches for you:

Nike Blazer Leather 'Minimalistic Couture' by Sneakerjagers
Nike Blazer Leather 'Minimalistic Couture' by Sneakerjagers
Nike Blazer Leather 'Minimalistic Couture' by Sneakerjagers
Nike Blazer Leather 'Minimalistic Couture' by Sneakerjagers

Since we want to give you the opportunity to learn the Nike Blazer sneaker customizing step by step by yourself, we have created a 10-step tutorial for you: How to customize your own sneaker!

What do you need for customizing the Nike Blazer 'Minimalistic Couture' by Sneakerjagers?

1 pair of Nike Blazer in white
20 cm neoprene fabric in cream white
20 cm tulle fabric in white
Sewing thread in matt gold and shiny gold
40 golden eyelets
A Sharpie
A pair of fabric scissors
A pair of paper scissors
A small pair of scissors to cut up
Fabric chalk
Sewing needles

10 steps to your own Nike Blazer Sneaker 'Minimalistic Couture' by Sneakerjagers

Step 1.

Coppe yourself a Nike Blazer - the easiest way is to take an 'All-White'. That way you can see all the details you put on it. The first step is to remove the laces. When this is done, have a look if you see any hidden stains, glue or protruding threads on the sneaker and remove them. You can do this easily with a damp cloth or with your finger. Now you have prepared the sneaker perfectly for processing.

Step 2.

Now we take care of a small detail, which however provides for a large effect and is the foundation stone for the new style of the sneaker of importance. And this is about the eyelets. We took extra gold ones, because we want to move in the color range white/cream with gold. You can find such eyelets in every fabric shop and they are quite easy to attach. As soon as you have already put a few on, you will immediately notice what a big difference it makes to the appearance. So, here we go.

Step 3.

Now you take a pair of pointed and thin scissors. With these scissors you can start to carefully remove the four Swooshs from the sides of the sneaker. ATTENTION: You have to practice patience in order not to hurt the upper! Don't be scared, because the Swooshs are additionally fixed with an adhesive which can be removed easily. Don't panic, residues can easily be removed with your fingers. At the heel it could get tricky again. You will have to loosen the bar partially to undo the seams of the Swoosh underneath. At the end you have a sneaker without Swoosh ?

Step 4.

Before we continue with the processing of the Swoosh, we will take a look at the sole. To do this, we use a waterproof and pointed Edding. Write your desired text on the outer edge of the sole at regular intervals - we have chosen 'Minimalistic Couture' to match the colorway. This gives the sneaker that extra kick, because how extraordinary is it when others see that even the sole has a customized design?

Step 5.

So now the next step is more technical. You'll need a pen, paper to copy and the Swooshs you just cut off. Now you draw the shape and cut it out. We need exactly this shape again. Now the neoprene comes into play. We'll need a sewing machine and the matte gold thread. We used four layers in total, but you can vary the thickness as you like.

You fix the layers with pins. Then you'll get to sewing. Use the sewing machine to embroider your own pattern on the fabric. It's a rather small piece of work, but you'll see, it's worth it! You'll embroider an area big enough to get four Swooshes. When you have that, draw the Swoosh on the fabric with chalk and the template you made before. Cut out the Swoosh you have drawn with a pair of scissors. Now you've done it!

Step 6.

Now the Swooshs have to get back on the upper. For that you take the golden shiny thread and embroider the whole length with your hand. I recommend to use a thimble, because the upper is very thick. That way you protect your fingers. Don't forget to put the end under the bridge so that you have a clean finish. When you are done with this, stitch it on the bridge so that the Swoosh on the heel can't slip out.

Step 7.

Now we take the tulle. One layer is quite thin, so we sew along the bottom edge once with a big stitch. In this way you can easily 'add a touch' to the tulle. Don't take the whole piece, because that would be too much, but make sure that it fits the width of the tongue at the bottom. When you have the perfect piece, you can attach the ruched tulle to the bottom of the tongue with your hand.

But don't cut anything off the top yet, because we still have to fold the piece of cloth. When you've done that, we'll be ready to fold it down. So be careful not to put the tulle too tightly over your tongue. Then fold it over your tongue and sew it on one side so that you can't see the stitch on the other side. Only then grab the scissors and cut off the excess tulle. And already you have an interesting and striking tongue.

Step 8.

Now you can pull the laces back in. If you're too bored with them, we have a super cool idea here. Take some of the leftover tulle and ruffle it back. Then you put this around the tips and sew them on by hand. To add another eye-catcher, wrap the end of the tips with the shiny golden thread where you attached the tulle. This makes this cool detail even more striking!

Step 9.

As a penultimate step, take the shiny golden yarn for the last time and devote yourself to the heel. Luckily, Nike is already embroidered there ? But we'll overstitch it with the golden thread to give the lettering a personal touch. Put the thread on several times to avoid having to embroider so often. A thimble is also an advantage here ?

Step 10.

And already we have almost reached the end. Because now there's just the finishing touch. So look at the whole sneaker, remove all superfluous things like stains or yarn that stick out. Make a nice bow and you have your own designed Nike Blazer!

The final result of the Nike Blazer sneaker customizing

And here he is! The Nike Blazer Leather 'Minimalistic Couture' by Sneakerjagers.

You want to know more? Or do you want to watch the video of the customized Nike Blazer Leather 'Minimalistic Couture' by Sneakerjagers or do you have questions? Follow us easy on Instagram at @sneakerjagersde and become part of our community✌️