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Get inspired for autumn with Converse

October 7, 2023 7:59 PM
Get inspired for autumn with Converse

Converse has some popular and functional autumn looks to match the new season in stock. Be it apparel or sneakers - the brand just manages to convey the right cozy vibe for autumn. Today we're going to show you some inspiration for your next autumn look with Converse. Let's get started!

Autumn sneakers and more from Converse

Converse is focusing on warm hues and autumnal transitional tones this autumn 2023. We've picked out a top selection of Converse autumn sneakers here and show you a pair of pieces that go particularly well with each sneaker design.

Chuck 70 Leather

Let's start with a premium Chuck: The Chuck 70 comes with a premium leather upper, which is perfect for autumn. It can be cleaned quickly and also looks super stylish.

These new pieces from Converse go particularly well with the beige upper of the Chuck 70:

Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Move Platform By You

The Chuck Taylor All Star Move Platform By You takes your look to the next level. With this custom Chuck, you can add new colours and prints to the three-piece design, making the upper even more autumnal if you like.

Chuck Taylor All Star Modern Lift Platform Mono Suede

The Chuck Taylor All Star Modern Lift is designed for versatile style and all-day comfort. It combines colours that are easy to mix and match with a premium suede upper and supportive cushioning.

The Chuck Taylor All Star Modern Lift can be combined with many things thanks to its monochrome upper. This is one of the most beautiful Converse pieces for autumn:

Converse CONS AS-1 Pro

The Converse CONS AS-1 Pro is a classic low top sneaker with a leather upper. The kick was developed by Alexis Sablone, one of the world's best skateboarders, and comes in retro style. The upper makes the sneaker the perfect companion for autumn.

Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged Lift Platform Canvas

The All Star Lugged stands out above all for its strong profile. A reimagining of the classic Chucks, the Kick not only adds height but also personality. The zip and heel tab make it easy to put on, while the strong profile of the sole ensures even better traction.

We've picked out two jackets for you to go with the kick:

Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Color

Since 1917, the Chuck Taylor All Star has been a cult shoe for every day. Like many of Converse's other kicks, you can dress up the Chuck Taylor for autumn. There are many seasonal colours to choose from!

Chuck Taylor All Star Cruise

The latest in Chuck Taylor history: the Chuck Taylor All Star Cruise. Designed to pay homage to counterculture fashion, the classic canvas upper combines skate-inspired elements such as a suede eyelet row overlay and die-cut eyelets.

With the All Star Cruise and the end of this article, we've picked out two basics that you can actually combine with any of these sneakers:

We hope this article gave you some inspiration for your next Converse autumn look! On the Converse website you can find a lot more beautiful autumnal sneakers and apparel. It's worth checking out!