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PUMA comes with high discount in Beat the Clock sale

August 28, 2022 7:30 AM
PUMA comes with high discount in Beat the Clock sale

On Sunday 28 August 2022 PUMA will give you high discounts. During the Beat the Clock sale, you will benefit from different discounts at different times of the day. These differ per time of day, so be there early. Use the discount code BEAT to redeem your discount in your shopping cart. Check out more here.

The Beat the Clock sale at PUMA is just around the corner. During this special deal, you benefit from a different discount every time. The sale starts at 08:00 in the morning and until 14:00 you get 30% discount. Between 2pm and 8pm you will benefit from a 25% discount and from 8pm to 11.59pm you will receive a 20% discount.

In the sale you will find the best items for women, men and children. From sneakers to clothing items and even accessories, PUMA has it all. With a wide range of sportswear and lifestyle items, you can complete your wardrobe during the Beat the Clock sale.

* Prices are calculated with the 30% discount on time from 08:00 to 14:00.

The discounts are only valid on Sunday 28 August 2022. The PUMA Beat the Clock sale starts at 08:00 in the morning and runs until 23:59. Please note that the discounts change every few hours, so be there as early as possible to benefit from the most discount. Don't forget to add the discount code BEAT in your shopping basket.

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