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From the PUMA Future Rider and the future series on Netflix 2021

August 4, 2021 4:00 PM
From the PUMA Future Rider and the future series on Netflix 2021

How are you, dear Sneakerjagers? Are you looking forward to the future or are you more worried about the future? Do you want to know what's going to happen or would you rather live in the day without a clue about tomorrow? Either way, we need the right companions to keep us comfortable and safe every step of the way. That's why today we're showing you the PUMA Future Rider and the outlook for new, and the sequels to our favourite series.

PUMA Future Rider

The PUMA Future Rider

The classic Fast Rider was first released in the 1980s as a comfortable and innovative running shoe. In 2020, the silhouette was updated and the new version was renamed the Future Rider. The Future Rider has since become one of PUMA's most iconic silhouettes. It originally made the leap from the track to the street as a "state of the art" runner, like so many before it.

Today PUMA has combined its latest technologies with the authentic vintage vibes of the PUMA Future Rider. The mix of nylon and suede overlays makes the look modern on the one hand, while on the other it feels like the look of the 80s. Finally, the subtle sole is finished with Riderfoam.

Are you also that bad and don't just watch a series, but scroll through Instagram or other unnecessary pages on the side? I actually try to give up double-screening deluxe…. But when sneakers are involved it becomes potentially more difficult.

So while you're browsing our sneaker collection for your next PUMA Future Rider, how about some new recommendations on Netflix?

All in keeping with the motto "Future", we now present to you the upcoming releases on the streaming platform that have us excited or impatiently waiting ourselves.

Do you like the idea of combining shoes with series? Then read our two parts on "Lupin", the story of the master thief who turns Paris upside down in hip kicks.

Netflix Preview at August 2021

So my dears, this year has already brought us quite a bit of series joy. I've already mentioned Lupin, I've also binged the new season of Elité and the 17th season of Grey's Anatomy is coming on free TV. Even though I'm no longer a big fan, not watching it is not an option.

In addition, the new season of "Biohackers" came out in July. For my taste, the production slackens a bit in the second season, but it is still an absolute recommendation.

Now let's move on to what we can expect from August 2021:

In the mini-series "No Sign of Life", the main character struggles with the loss of two loved ones while his girlfriend suddenly disappears. Sounds good for a long series night from 13 August 2021.

I'm already a Grey's Anatomy fan, so it's no wonder that I have "The Professor" with Sandra Oh at the top of my list. The dramedy series, which revolves around the chairwoman of an English department, is coming on 20 August 2021, plus a few more first seasons with new stories!

In September, more precisely from the third, we expect season 5A of the Spanish hit series "House of Money", then season 5B from 03 December 2021. On 17 December 2021, the second season of the fantasy series "The Witcher" will arrive.

I only started "Emily in Paris" last year because a review promised that the series would be everything we would want during the 2020 pandemic. So far, I've watched it a whopping four times! On Instagram, the actors, including Lily Collins, shared the start of filming, which is why we might still be transported back to 'normal life' in autumn or winter 2021.

A start date for the coming-of-age drama series "Outer Banks" is expected soon, as filming has already been completed in April 2021. Meanwhile, the start date for the third season of "Sex Education" is already set: mark your calendars for 17 September 2021!

In "You", Gossip Girl-Dan plays a disturbingly fitting role: a serial killer. The first two seasons are incredibly gripping, and the series is set to continue in winter 2021.

Filming for a second season of "Bridgerton" is supposed to have begun in March 2021, which is why a start this year still seems realistic. The joy is dampened by the news that the Duke of Hastings will not be returning.

Oh, so many wonderful future prospects, aren't there? Which series and which PUMA Future Rider will you choose?