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Freebie templates for your Custom Air Force 1

June 11, 2021 12:00 PM
Freebie templates for your Custom Air Force 1

I'm always up for freebies: free pens, sweets, snacks, checklists, jute bags - whatever it is. How are you doing with it, dear community? With all the fairs and all the trying out cancelled at the moment, we're left with the dear, good internet for free treats. That's why we have free custom Nike Air Force 1 stencils for you today. With them you can easily design your own Nike AF1 and try out your designs.

It's really not difficult if you want to give your sneaker a bit of individuality. You can customise your Nike Air force 1 in just a few steps and with very little material. We have written a detailed guide for you here. We also give you some inspiration for possible custom AF1s that we found on Instagram!

Your Custom Air Force 1

It is now more than trendy to personalise your clothes, bags and shoes. We can already print our initials on the products of high street brands or simply wear them around our necks in the form of a necklace. Then the idea of painting your shoes is not far away.


Does the thought make your hair stand on end? Doing your own work on your expensive, brand-new, gleaming white kicks? I understand that well, because nothing works for me without planning. So I like to think about the colours, the pattern and the brush technique before I even go near the shoes.

That's why I came up with the following: You could download the Sneakerjagers stencils for the AF1 and get creative with them. There are no limits to the mix of patterns and colours. Either you come a little or even very close to your custom Air Force 1 or you have a great time and simply try your hand at designing sneakers.

Free Nike Air Force 1 Stencils

So now you can download the templates of all views at any time and of course always share them with your friends!

Nike by you

Of course, you can also use the templates to keep your kids, nephews, cousins or yourself busy or to create a Nike by you design.


With the Swoosh brand, you can personalise your favourite silhouette. Nike offers a choice of materials, colours and details. Your custom Air Force 1 will be delivered to your door within three to five weeks.