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For the oceans, for the environment: adidas x Parley

April 8, 2020 4:22 PM
For the oceans, for the environment: adidas x Parley

"Parley for the oceans!" Today, everything for me revolves around sustainability and the environment, because as we know, we damage the environment every day through our influences. Of course, we don't know it any different than driving to work by car, taking a plane to go on holiday or taking a cruise ship for a trip. But these are exactly the influences that harm our environment.

It all starts with the fact that garbage is not really thrown away, but left somewhere on the street, in the bush or on our beautiful beaches. We don't even need a car or anything like that to damage our environment. And this is where adidas x Parley comes in: What they do exactly, who or what Parley is and why sustainability is a big issue here, you can read on this blog.

What is Parley?

In brief: Parley is a platform, almost an organization, that works for our oceans. More and more plastic is landing in the oceans and soon even more plastic will be swimming in them than fish. This is exactly what Parley wants to prevent! Because the oceans are the most important ecosystem on our planet.

If the oceans die, we die.

Captain Paul Watson

The Parley Air Strategy is designed to prevent all this. Plastic is an unnatural material, which normally should not even exist. So we need to stop making more and more plastic and start recycling the existing plastic.

Let's be honest: Who would be happy to see pictures of the beautiful beaches, which unfortunately are not so beautiful anymore, because there is plastic everywhere. I was particularly fascinated when I went on a trip through Costa Rica last year. There the turtles lay their eggs on the beaches. Our tour guide told me in a conversation the number of eggs decreases from year to year because there are less and less turtles. This is because turtles eat jellyfish and many other things. If a plastic bag swims in the sea, the sweet turtles cannot distinguish them from the jellyfish, eat the plastic and die from it. And I think we have to do something against that.

adidas x Parley

adidas and Parley had declared war on the plastic flood. To save our ocean ecosystem, including marine life, habitats and beaches, they collect plastic waste from coasts and beaches and recycle it. Of course it is not used for anything. They use the plastic as raw material for an entire sports collection: adidas x Parley.

By working with Parley, we want to inspire and motivate an entire generation to work for the future of our planet.

Eric Liedtke, Executive Board Member Global Brands, adidas

Some of the individual steps in which plastic becomes a chic sports product are even done by hand. It is collected by hand from the beaches, cleaned and sorted. Then it is machine-crushed, washed and dehumidified. In the last step the plastic is heated, checked, cleaned again, dried, pressed, cooled and shredded into pellets. The pellets are turned into fibres, through which the yarn for the products is made. These are many words, yes I know, if you want to take a closer look at the process, just watch this video ⬇️:

Of course we don't want to deprive you of one or two of the jewels of the adidas x Parley collection. As always, everything revolves around the sneakers they contain. Let's take a look together and see what comes out of the sustainable collab!


The ULTRABOOST is by far one of the most popular adidas models. With its Boost technology you walk like on clouds, have the perfect grip and optimal cushioning with every step. Of course this sneaker should not be missing in the adidas x Parley collection. The upper is made of Primeblue, which as you can guess is made of recycled plastic. Here we see the running shoe in black, but it is available in many different colorways.


TERREX Two Ultra Parley

This model is not as well known as the ULTRABOOST, but nevertheless very popular among trail runners. A trail running shoe with a recycled plastic upper and the perfect sole! With this gem you can do absolutely nothing wrong when running on uneven ground. It is also available in different colorways.


With a simple click on the pictures you will get to the respective shoe. But if that's not enough for you, click on the button below to go to the adidas x Parley collection.

Save the oceans with adidas x Parley! And if the ULTRABOOST has really kicked your ass, then take a look at our Newsblog in the next few days. There I will tell you more about the technology and the history of the adidas ULTRABOOST. You should also have a look at our Release Calendar. Here you will find a summary of all the new products in the sneaker world. Have fun browsing and remember: Save the ocean and watch your plastic consumption!