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Footshop aims to make sustainability more accessible

February 12, 2023 9:22 AM
Footshop aims to make sustainability more accessible

In recent years, the trend towards more careful fashion production has become increasingly strong. Many brands have introduced sustainability in different stages of production and developed new criteria. Footshop also wants to make sustainability more accessible to everyone. Therefore, the brand has now developed its own system of sustainable criteria.

"At Footshop, we believe that every change starts with yourself. That's why we decided to use our voice and platform to support environmental awareness."


These are the projects

Footshop is launching several new projects. Below, we give a brief introduction:

1. Footshop Upcycling Project

Upcycling is one of the terms increasingly used. It refers to the conversion of products already used or destined for disposal into new ones. Many materials do not break down naturally and are harmful to the environment.

Footshop is therefore now working with a local waste shredder. At the end of each quarter, discarded sneakers are taken out of storage and a newly formed mixture of the old sneakers is used to make sports pitches.

The brand is also supporting six young designers who have been given the opportunity to show how they upcycle. In return, Footshop donates the six talents reused products, pieces from our Footshop collections or collaborations with other brands.

The project is still in its launch phase. If you want to stay updated in the future, feel free to check out the article yourself:

2. The Second Chance

If used sneakers and clothes cannot be recycled into something new, Footshop has come up with another suitable alternative: second chance. This is a shop Footshop has opened in Vnitroblock (Prague), where you can turn in old clothes or sneakers from Footshop. It is a kind of second-hand shop.

In addition, Footshop again works with students, most of whom come from Baťa University in Zlín and study design. The five students use the reclaimed products and make new garments or decoration from different parts of the material.

Bilder by Footshop

If you want to read more, you can also read the whole article on the project here:

Footshop's criteria for sustainable fashion

You've probably seen a green leaf next to an item in Footshop. This is one of the criteria a product can be given. Besides the green leaf, Footshop distinguishes ten categories. So that next time you're not sure what a symbol means, you can read the explanation here:

1. Cotton better standards

You will find this symbol next to items at Footshop that are produced with cotton that is more sustainable than conventional cotton. This cotton is grown with less chemical water fertilisers and pesticides, which contributes significantly to reducing the carbon footprint of cotton farming.

2. Organic cotton

The organic cotton label means the product is made mainly from naturally grown cotton without using synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilisers or pesticides.

3. Primeblue

Primeblue is an innovative material from adidas, which is why you will see this emblem more often alongside items from this brand. The material is made from Parley Ocean Plastic - upcycled plastic waste that is intercepted and processed on remote islands, beaches, coastal communities and shores.

4. Parley Ocean Plastic

This is the separate brand for Parley Ocean Plastic - the material made from upcycled plastic waste intercepted from beaches and coastal communities before it reaches the ocean.

5. Primegreen

Primegreen is also a material from adidas, but it is not made from recycled waste, but instead from 100% sustainable material that contains no new plastic.

6. Reecycled

A typical symbol from Reebok. Total recycled content is at least 30% by weight for apparel and accessories. For footwear, at least 30% of the uppers are made of recycled materials, also by weight. Moreover, the products contain no pure polyester.

7. Reegrow

Products with this label are made from at least 50% plant-based or natural materials. It is also a typical symbol for a Reebok brand item.

8. Vegan

Products with the Vegan symbol are made with vegan alternatives to animal materials or ingredients such as leather, and give you a vegan option with animal-free ingredients.

9. Recycled

Products with this symbol are mainly made from recycled materials derived from old waste, such as plastic bottles and clothes. These products have a smaller carbon footprint because more waste than new material is processed.

10. The eco-label

The eco-label or ecolabel is used for products manufactured using more environmentally friendly processes that use less water, energy and chemicals.

Sustainable items at Footshop

To get you started on your sustainable journey, we've picked out some items at Footshop for you.


VEJA's URCA sneaker is made of 'Cotton Worked as Leather', which is a vegan alternative to leather. The rest of the shoe is made of organic cotton, coated with corn and castor oil. The sole, for example, is made of 24% Fair Trade certified Amazon rubber, 23% rice waste and 12% recycled rubber.


This hoodie is made of 100% better cotton.

3. VEJA V-10 CWL W

Again, this sneaker is made of durable materials. That's why you'll find appropriate category labels on this kick. The insole, for instance, is made of sugarcane, Amazon rubber and organic cotton. The rest of the shoe is also sustainable.

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