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Foot Locker x Melody Ehsani have released an exclusive capsule collection

June 16, 2021 9:00 PM
Foot Locker x Melody Ehsani have released an exclusive capsule collection

Foot Locker and Melody Ehsani have joined forces for an exclusive capsule collection.
The release took place on Thursday 10 June 2021 at 12 noon. This is the first of several capsule collections to be launched this year.

About Melody Ehsani

Melody Ehsani in een t-shirt uit de Foot Locker collectie
Melody Ehsani in a t-shirt from the Foot Locker collection

Melody Ehsani is one of the few women to have achieved a top position in the streetwear world. Her jewellery collection is loved by celebrities. This has enabled her to collaborate with brands such as Reebok and Nike. In addition, the 41-year-old Los Angeles-based designer was recently named Foot Locker's first creative director for the women's department.

Ehsani is also the founder of ME (Melody Ehsani). This is her streetwear brand that specialises in jewellery, shoes and clothing. All these products are made with a message that has changed the image of 'accessible women's clothing'.

Foot Locker x Melody Ehsani collection

For this new collection for Foot Locker, Melody used her background in streetwear and her love for basketball.

Besides basketball, the capsule collection also emphasises colours inspired by nature and temperatures. In particular, thermal patterns are used to represent an individual's reaction to their environment. Apart from shapewear (bras and cycling shorts), 70% of the capsule is unisex. The collection also includes a 'Ball Vision' tee and short set, a fleece crew and short set and an organza tracksuit. Accessories include crew socks and shoelaces.

Foot Locker x Melody Ehsani
Foot Locker x Melody Ehsani
campagne foto van de nieuwe Foot Locker capsule collectie

No More Next, We are Here

To celebrate the launch, Foot Locker hosted a virtual festival called 'No More Next, We are Here' on Saturday 5 June 2021. For this festival, fans were invited to take part in a unique digital experience with interactive conversations and contests to win products. The festival is intended to inspire everyone to find their voice and claim a seat at the table.

That's not the only reason for the festival. Foot Locker made the collection more accessible to consumers across the country through a digital crowd-sourcing programme. This involves soliciting consumer feedback to determine where a Melody Ehsani x Foot Locker pop-up shop should be located. These pop-ups opened a week before the capsule was available, giving the selected city the chance to see and shop the collection before the rest of the world. Are you curious to see how the festival went? Check out the video below!

More on Melody

Foot Locker x Melody Ehsani

Melody's collaboration and her vision to empower women through streetwear and sports truly reflect the brand (..)”, says Patricia Respress, Vice President and DMM Women's Footwear and Apparel at Foot Locker.

"As Creative Director, Melody has been very insightful, empowering and helpful. Her fresh perspective provides additional opportunities for Foot Locker's women's department and we are excited to share this unique collection with our consumers."

"Our focus is always on raising awareness and cultivating empowerment. (…) 'Stop waiting to be who you already are' is one of our mottos.", says Melody Ehsani. "I believe you cannot wait for others to see who you are. You have to see yourself. Inhabiting your whole self at all times is the key to moving through the world."

citaat uit de exclusieve Foot Locker capsule collectie
Pictures by Foot Locker x Melody Ehsani

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