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Flamingo’s Life – In the Business to Save the Planet

November 24, 2020 3:45 PM
Flamingo’s Life – In the Business to Save the Planet


Flamingo’s Life’s philosophy revolves around three axes:

  1. To provide a solution to the ecological crisis we’re currently in, using veganism as a vehicle for change and as the key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water footprint.
  2. Animals are valued and have the right to a life without suffering.
  3. To make the fashion industry visible and transparent for the consumer. Providing all the necessary information so that they can make wise and conscious decisions.

Their philosophy was born as a way to put the necessary resources in consumers’ hands. Moreover, to lead the transformation towards a more sustainable way of life. They moved the entire production of their shoes to Spain. Reducing their carbon footprint by establishing relationships with suppliers in their area, and using local production centres.

Sustainable Materials

Flamingo’s Life create completely biodegradable footwear, using materials that are developed by themselves, including such things as corn, bamboo, hemp, organic cotton. As well as natural rubber sustainability extracted from the Hevea brasiliensis tree.

Flamingo’s Life Sneaker

Flamingo’s Life developed a vegan and biodegradable material based on corn. As an alternative to leather in terms of softness and ecological commitment. Corn makes 47% of their outer material of their collection.The collection also features an inner lining made from bamboo. A renewable material that is easy to grow and requires no chemicals or pesticides. Additionally, the insoles for part of their models are made from recycled microplastics directly from footwear industry waste.

Flamingo’s Life Sneaker

Social Projects

Each one of their shoe collections has a social project associated with it to enable them to balance their impact and improve the lives of animals. The Roland V.3 collection associates with the WFO (Waste Free Oceans) foundation, whose mission is to transform marine plastic into innovative products. They connect local fishermen, recycling companies, manufacturers and political actors in order to reduce, recycle and reuse marine litter. You can read more about the project here.

Flamingo’s Life

The Retro 90’s sneakers and Old 80’s boots collections links to the construction of water wells in Africa in collaboration with Agua ONG. Each well is capable of providing drinking water to 500 people in underserved areas. You can read more about the project here.

Flamingo’s Life

Lastly, with each shoe purchased from the Classic 70’s Kicks collection, you directly plant 5 trees together with NGO Eden Reforestation Projects, helping balance the carbon footprint. Furthermore, get more infos here.

Flamingo’s Life

Flamingo's Life Collection

You can shop the full collection of Flamingo’s life here. Moreover, for more sustainability news, check out our blog, and for upcoming sneaker releases, check out our release calendar, or follow our Instagram account.