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Filling Pieces: Under The Radar

August 27, 2021 9:00 AM
Filling Pieces: Under The Radar

Quality from Amsterdam

The brand was originally founded in 2009 by Guillaume Philibert and impresses above all with its high-quality workmanship. Filling Pieces scores with its sporty sneaker look paired with an elegant appearance. The combination of high-class styles with modern streetwear elements is in tune with the times and leaves plenty of scope for possible outfits. The shoes go well with both casual jeans and dressier chinos. Below, we take a closer look at some of the sneakers and talk about the high-quality leather workmanship.

Flagship Store Amsterdam
Flagship Store Amsterdam

Filling Pieces Footwear COURT BIANCO BLACK

Let's start with a classic in trendy white with some black details. The Court Bianco Black has a nappa leather upper with Filling Pieces lettering on the side of the shoe. Especially the ripple outsole gives the kicks an iconic look. Cost of the Court Bianco Black colourway: €200.

Filling Pieces
Filling Pieces

Filling Pieces Ace Spin

We continue with the Ace Spin variant, which is available in 'White', 'Mustard' and 'Black' colorways. We have listed all the variants here as a series of pictures so you can get an impression of all the colorways. The upper is made of nappa and nubuck leather and the shoe was inspired by the classic tennis style. The nubuck leather overlays give the shoes a nice retro look. You can expect to pay €220 for the Ace Spin models.

Filling Pieces Mid Court Suede 'Black'

Now that we've seen a few low versions, I wanted to introduce you to a mid model. In a combination of suede and nappa leather, the Mid Court Suede 'Black' really makes a statement. The distinctive outsole can also be seen on this model. The Filling Pieces logo can be found on the tongue. The kicks are priced at €240.

A little fact about the Filling Pieces sneakers: They are all made in Portugal!


Another sneaker in the series is the Mondo Plain 683 Bio White. The shoe has the organic abbreviation because of the organic nappa leather upper. Among other things, the laces are also made of organic cotton. Of course, this is only a small step in the right direction, but the use of organic materials by Filling Pieces is a good first attempt towards more sustainability. By the way, the shoes would cost you €205.

A small hint: On many shop pages, the footwear is divided into Filling Pieces women and Filling Pieces men. However, the shoes are perfectly suitable as unisex models and overlap anyway. So you can take this as an appeal not to be confused by this information and as long as your size is available you don't have to worry about shopping in the wrong segment.


Lastly, I would like to introduce you to two different colorways in a series. This time it's about the Mondo 2.0 Ripple. The name comes from the special ripple outsole that gives the kicks a distinctive look.

Both shoes have a white leather base and differ only in small details. Once there is the Mondo 2.0 with black highlights on the heel and another time there are the sneakers in green. The shoe convinces as a timeless classic and is really good to wear as a daily sneaker. Cost €190.

Filling Pieces

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