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Explore the latest workwear items at Footdistrict

December 30, 2023 9:00 AM
Explore the latest workwear items at Footdistrict

At a time when workwear is being reinterpreted and the boundaries between professional and everyday wear are blurred by changing work structures, Footdistrict has chosen to reshape the meaning of workwear.

In this Work vs Wear editorial, we present looks from Footdistrict's new seasonal collection, curated with elements of work.

Work vs Wear | Look 1

Workwear outfit Footdistrict

The base for the first outfit is a unisex knitted cardigan from Sporty & Rich x Prince SRC and is paired with dark cargo trousers from Haikure. Despite the outfit's predominantly dark colour palette, the beige cardigan provides a nice contrast.

In addition, The North Face x Undercover Soukuu Glenclyffe Vibram shoes match the look perfectly. Finally, gloves from The North Face, a scarf from Harmony Paris and a cap from Obey complete the outfit.

Work vs Wear | Look 2

Workwear outfit Footdistrict

The second outfit has a more vibrant colour palette, bringing together various colours such as blue, green, red and brown. This choice creates a more striking and varied look, giving the outfit a dynamic and expressive character!

Work vs Wear | Look 3

Workwear outfit Footdistrict

The third outfit integrates warm and vibrant colours such as orange, red, beige, white and green. This colour palette adds a touch of energy and freshness to the look, creating a sunny look during these dreary days.

In this vibrant outfit, the eye-catching Advisory Board Crystals jacket stands out, with its artistic floral embroidery. As do the Birkenstock shoes that add a bold contrast and complete this outfit!

Work vs Wear | Look 4

Workwear outfit Footdistrict

The fourth outfit is infused with a refreshing colour palette, with blue and various shades of green playing the main role.

In this striking outfit, Represent CLO's bright green jumper sets the tone. The green cap, socks and Timberlands add an extra layer of style, while the navy blue shorts from Objects IV Life provide a dynamic contrast.

Work vs Wear | Look 5

Workwear outfit Footdistrict

The fifth outfit also features a harmonious ensemble, with a striking colour palette featuring warm tones such as orange, beige and brown forming the base. It is a perfect look for those looking for a playful yet sophisticated look.

Work vs Wear | Look 6

Workwear outfit Footdistrict

The sixth outfit is not only comfortable but also exudes a timeless and trendy aesthetic. The colour palette consists of a sophisticated harmony of grey, beige and brown. Although the garments are quite understated, the outfit still attracts attention, especially because of Our Legacy's eye-catching hooded jacket.

Work vs Wear | Look 7

Workwear outfit Footdistrict

The seventh outfit also has a fairly low-key look. While the base is formed by shorts and a jacket in black, paired with a white T-shirt, attention is drawn to colourful accessories. Think Diesel's striking pink-red handbag, a vibrant red scarf and velvet adidas slippers.

This creates a perfect balance between restraint and expressive details!

Work vs Wear | Look 8

Workwear outfit Footdistrict

The latest outfit offers a fashionable mix of colours and styles. The centrepiece of the outfit is Haikure's multi-coloured knitted jumper. Not only does this jumper offer warmth, it also adds a touch of artistic design to the look. The look is completed by adidas' Superstar Boots, which also match perfectly with Obey's green beanie.

With the eighth outfit, we have come to an end of Footdistrict's workwear looks. Which outfit appeals to you the most? Take a look at Footdistrict's website for more workwear inspiration.

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