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Download adidas CONFIRMED for the best hype drops

December 15, 2021 9:00 AM
Download adidas CONFIRMED for the best hype drops

You might have heard whispers that adidas will be dropping a lot of hyped products in December 2021 – we can neither confirm nor deny.

But the best way to keep up to date with the latest sneaker releases at adidas is to download the CONFIRMED app. It’s the place for the best hype drops and exclusive collabs, and you don’t want to miss out!

So how exactly does CONFIRMED work?


The Draw is a public raffle that helps manage demand for a hyped sneaker. Anyone can sign up for a drop, and a certain amount of people will be drawn to win. While it’s mostly a random selection, certain criteria do help – your location, membership status, valid address and payment info, and what you read, watch and share all determine your chances of winning as adidas gauge your interests.

To enter a draw, you must firstly sign up to the adidas membership program and create a profile, making sure you verify your account and use up-to-date info. When sign-ups open on a new release, you can then enter the draw. Enter your size, make sure your payment and delivery details are correct and check off the legal agreement. You’ll only be charged if you win!

On the day of the draw, make sure you have your notifications turned on – when the draw begins, winning members will be notified. If you win, congratulations! Sit back, relax, and wait for your new sneakers to arrive.

If you want to check the drops you’ve signed up for, you can see them in Your Active Drops on Shop.


The Queue is just like a real queue; you must wait in line to get in. You need to be prepared if a sneaker is dropping with a queue function, as the quicker you are to get in line the more likely you are to cop a win!

To enter a queue, just like a draw, you must firstly sign up to the adidas membership program and create a profile, making sure you verify your account and use up-to-date info. When a new release arrives, set a reminder to be first in line on the drop date. Make sure your notifications are on, as the reminder is sent shortly before the queue opens.

You’ll have to make sure you’re on the product page in time to get in first, and then you can enter the drop the second it opens and pass through the qualification stage. Select your size, check your payment and address details and then you’re in the queue!

If you didn’t make it for your preferred size, you can always check back and try again for a different one. You’ll get a notification if the drop is yours, and then all you have to do is wait for the postman.


The Invite is a private drop for selected members, not visible or available to the general public. They aren’t used for general releases and are incredibly exclusive. Invite drops might include unreleased products, limited runs, friends and family sales, restocks, early access or drops created for a particular group of members.

An invite may be handed out at any time, so it’s important to stay on top of your notifications. Once it goes out, you must act fast as it’s only valid for a short period of time. Select your size and make your purchase before the offer expires!

If you got through, and it’s CONFIRMED, the drop is yours! Camp out by that mailbox.

How to cop the best drops on CONFIRMED

Check the coming soon section

Keep an eye on the coming soon section to stay on top of all upcoming releases. Stay on top of all hyped releases!

Set a reminder

Set a reminder on an upcoming drop so that you receive a notification when it’s time to enter a draw or queue. Don’t miss out on a thing!

Set up a Creators Club account

By setting up a Creators Club account, you can earn points for exclusive rewards, receive invitation to exclusive events and take advantage of special offers and promotions. Best of all, you can get access to limited edition items!

Enter your details prior to launch

Make sure your details are entered and correct. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing a W because you were too slow entering your address!

What adidas favourites are you looking forward to being released in December 2021? Is there anything you’re desperately hoping will come back? Download the app to keep an eye out and maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised!