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Discover the running brand ON at Solebox

July 23, 2023 7:01 PM
Discover the running brand ON at Solebox

Did you know that you can find the popular sneakers and other products from the popular sports and lifestyle brand ON on the shelves and online at Solebox, dear community? The range includes a wide selection of activewear and products that will convince you with their design, good quality and sophisticated technology.

The range of ON shoes at Solebox includes classic models as well as new variations and collaborations with other top designer brands. In this article we tell you a bit more about the history and the founders of the company and show you exactly what the revolutionary CloudTec technology is all about.

Meet ON

You don't know the sports brand from Switzerland yet? No problem, we'll introduce you to the ON brand and its concept once again! The sporting goods manufacturer is a big name among athletes and is especially known for its special running shoes with the unique Cloud technology. The brand pursues one goal above all: "To ignite the human spirit through movement". Because they believe that a whole new bond with oneself can be established through active physical activity and sport.

It is about expanding one's horizons and growing beyond oneself. Through movement and sport, a new way of getting to know oneself is made possible. ON creates the perfect technical conditions to enable its customers to fully exploit this potential. Besides running shoes, On also offers other sportswear and accessories for runners. In their versatile assortment you will find weatherproof running clothes, backpacks and accessories as well as many other articles for outdoor sports.

How it started

The story of the On brand began in 2010 in Zurich, Switzerland with the three founders Olivier Bernhard, David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti. Oliver Bernhard was an outstanding triathlete in Switzerland before founding the company and won several awards worldwide. His two co-founders also shared his passion for outdoor sports. The shared vision to create a running shoe that offers new possibilities to realise one's full potential and a better combination of cushioning and strength was the beginning of their project. This is how the innovative idea of CloudTec cushioning technology was born.

Market launch and presentation of CloudTec damping technology

In 2010, On launched its first running shoes. The introduction of CloudTec technology caused a stir in the running shoe industry and generated interest among runners. This technology consists of a ribbed sole with Cloud elements.

With every step, the Clouds compress to provide soft cushioning. Once the pressure is released, they release the stored energy to provide a responsive and energy-returning stride.

After the new running shoe with the new technology quickly gained popularity in Switzerland, more and more athletes wanted to try out the shoes. The new way of running made possible by the ON shoes eventually inspired athletes in other countries as well. The brand began to distribute its products internationally. ON's presence expanded first to other European countries and eventually across the USA and other regions of the world.


Due to the special technology, ON also inspires many top athletes and teams. The brand sponsored well-known athletes from different sports, which further strengthened its credibility and reputation. Thus, ON established itself as a brand with shoes "by athletes for athletes".

In the meantime, gold medallists work together with the engineers in the ON Lab to develop the next generation of shoe technologies. The shoes can be found on the road and on the race track, all over the world where they convince recreational and amateur athletes as well as professionals.

Shop ON at Solebox

You can also buy the sneakers with the unique CloudTec technology and other products from the brand at Solebox. By the way, the shoes have long since ceased to be simple running shoes. The sneakers are also considered trendy sneakers for everyday wear. The unusual design has also attracted the attention of high fashion labels. This has led to special collaborations that take comfort and design to a whole new level.

At Solebox, you can buy the Loewex ON Wmns Cloudventure. The trail running shoe comes with a 100% recycled polyester mesh upper for optimal ventilation in a bright purple colour and features a Missiongrip outsole with a special traction pattern for any surface.

At Solebox you'll find a wide range of ON products for every occasion. Whether it's for jogging, running in your free time or for a cool gorpcore look that's comfortable at the same time. By the way, some of the items are on sale right now so you better be quick if you want to have the chance to get a good deal. This is the perfect opportunity to get your own pair and experience the feeling of "walking on clouds".

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