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Dance sneakers 🕺 you need these kicks for the next party

July 4, 2021 12:00 PM
Dance sneakers 🕺 you need these kicks for the next party

Do you know, dear community, that we at Sneakerjagers have our office in beautiful Utrecht, the Netherlands? The city never ceases to enchant and inspire us, and during the warm days now, it really pulsates with good vibes and young people. All the better that normal life is slowly picking up speed here in Holland. Personally, I long for nothing more than to dance the night away again and taste the freedom on my tongue on the way home in the early hours of the morning. That's why I have the perfect dance sneakers for the next party for you today.

It should be said that we are not looking at actual 'dance sneakers' for professional dancers. Rather, we are looking for the right sneakers for the right party. Of course, it is important that they are stylish on the one hand and comfortable on the other to carry us through the night.

An evening in the (Jazz) Bar

Tanz Sneaker
Scott Warman via Unsplash

As Ed Sheeran sings, you don't meet anyone in a club, so we go to a bar first. Here in the Netherlands, they do that on Fridays from 4pm. Then you have a few snacks, a few beers or glasses of wine and the weekend can begin. Sounds good, doesn't it?

As we all know, after work drinks don't give us time to change. We girls can still put on a little lipstick, but on the whole, the kicks for the office have to do now. To be honest, the classic Air Force 1 fit best. Honestly, I can't get enough of the silhouette right now and would love to combine them with every outfit.

Sneaker tanzen Air force 1
Sneaker tanzen Air Force 1

But now we are all totally in the party mood, aren't we? In an ideal world, we would only have to choose one of all the music genres. We can dream together:

Rock music: Dancing in sneakers?

Hector Bermudez via Unsplash

I've only been to a rock festival once. Once and never again, I said to myself. But well, that was also Chiemsee Summer, does anyone still know that? One thing is clear, especially if you're not just going to a rock concert, but a rock festival: the shoes have to be able to withstand a lot.

Sneaker tanzen
Thiago Borrere Alvim via Unsplash
Sneaker tanzen
Harry Shelton via Unsplash

The Air Max Plus are badass enough to go with the dark jeans and band shirts, plus comfortable and indestructible. I can also imagine the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star in this vintage leather design.


Nike Air Max Plus

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Admittedly, a sneaker might be a bit unusual for a rock concert or festival. If you prefer to go with the classic version, then I recommend Dr. Martens.

Sing along with pop and the oldies

Sneaker tanzen, diese Schuhe braucht ihr für die nächste Party
Alexander Popov via Unsplash

Yes, I am so uncool and actually listen to what comes on the radio. And it gets even worse. Every now and then, and especially for dancing, I like to sing along a bit off-key to hits or other classics. So I think it can get more colourful with the choice of sneakers for dancing for such a mixed evening.


New Balance M5740LA

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Dancing through the night with sneakers: techno

Sneaker tanzen Festival dieses Jahr
Cristi Tohatan via Unsplash

Techno and electro and whatever they're called (I think I'm getting myself all worked up here, so I'm absolutely green behind the ears) are just cool. Particularly casual would be Nike Dunks or Air Jordans, for example, and many Air Maxes are also very popular in these circles. Unfortunately, these kicks are so popular that you can't just go shopping for them.

If you are interested in hyped kicks, then check our release calendar as well as our sneaker news regularly. There we will inform you about the latest releases. You'll also never miss a drop on Instagram with us!

You can wear the upcoming selection just as well in everyday life as to parties and festivals or to a bar. So you can kill several birds with one stone. How do you like these sneakers for dancing?