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Converse x Issa Rae by you 🎨 to inspire the next generation of creatives

July 4, 2021 4:00 PM
Converse x Issa Rae by you 🎨 to inspire the next generation of creatives

New Chucks for the summer? How about giving your own creativity free rein this time, dear community? On 01 July 2021, a new sneaker collection by Issa Rae and Converse dropped, which you can change yourself with the by you options. You can creatively design a total of 6 different high top Chucks. One pair will cost you €120.

But who is Issa Rae anyway and what makes this new collection so special?

Converse x Issa Rae

Issa Rae stands for more than creativity

Issa Rae is an actress, writer and producer. She is also known for her own YouTube series 'Awkward Black Girl'. Rae has been very active on this platform since 2011, making videos, short films and series together with other people from her community.

Through her platform, she primarily draws attention to racism in the United States. After the murder of Alton Sterling in 2016, for example, Issa Rae raised 700,000 USD for the Sterling family.

This is one of the reasons why Issa was included in the annual Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world in 2018. Indeed, with her YouTube channel, she also provides a platform for black people and gives them a voice.

Converse went into conversation with this successful lady and talked to her about breakthroughs. You are welcome to watch it here.

The aim of this collection is to inspire the next generation of creatives

"This collaboration was all about empowering the next generation to get up and DO what it is they aspire to do. So the team took some of my personal affirmations and approaches to life, and put them into the design of the shoe."

The collection consists of six unisex high-top Chuck 70's. Two of them only have text on the sole and tongue, while the other four have patches all over the upper, with statements like "Celebrate The Wins", "Do It All!" and "Get Out Of My Way". These statements aim to get the younger generation to follow their dreams and do what they want to do.

Converse Chuck by you
Converse Chuck 70 High weiß

A little insight into the more striking looks! On the upper you will find the inspirational texts that are also reflective, so this shoe is there to make a statement even in the darker times. The print on the upper also gives the model a rugged look.

Converse x Issa Rae

But would you prefer something simpler? There are also designs where there is only one text on the upper and tongue. This design is available in beige and purple. But how exactly does the personalisation work in detail?

Get creative?! Here's how:

You can design the shoes exactly the way you want them. The following can be changed:

  1. Upper: The colour of the upper can be white, beige, purple, dark blue or black. The texts are available in black or reflective.
  2. Tongue: The tongue of the sneaker can be designed in a different colour than the upper material. You can also choose from two texts.
  3. Heel: The stripe on the heel can be adapted to the colours we have seen before. You can also put a palm tree on this strip.
  4. Lining & stitching: The colour of the lining and the seams of the Chuck 70 can also be individually designed.
  5. Lace, Eyelets & Logo: Even more details to design yourself: You can also change the colours of the laces, the eyelets and the Converse logo.
  6. For the midsole, there is then a choice in the colour of the rubber and you can decide if you want to put text on it. The colours of the stripes on the midsole can also be customised.

At the beginning of July, we can also expect more exciting drops from Converse. Check out our release calendar for more information. In our Sneaker News we also keep you up to date with release info, news, leaks, reminders and exciting stories about sneakers.