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Converse sneakers in autumn: Gore-Tex, waterproof, warm? That's really how they are

October 23, 2020 8:56 AM
Converse sneakers in autumn: Gore-Tex, waterproof, warm? That's really how they are

Today we have something very special for you, dear community. We have put two Converse sneakers from the autumn and winter collection into the spotlight for you. We put the shoes through their paces and also took some nice photos for you. So you know after our review here why the new Converse autumn sneakers should not be missing in your sneaker collection. This way, we don't have to do without our beloved sneakers in winter and are still perfectly equipped for the current season. And the best? The kicks will forgive you one stain or two and the dirty, wet streets in autumn 😉!

The Chucks from Converse are still incredibly popular. However, one disadvantage of the sneakers, which are often made of canvas, is that they do not sit warm on the feet and are not waterproof, especially in the autumn season. I still remember how my brother used to get into an argument with my mother every year when he wanted to wear his totally perforated but beloved Chucks to school even in snow. With these shoes you will be spared all this:

Converse Chucks

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Winter

In this model Converse and GORE-TEX® join hands and present us with two beautiful colorways on the popular Converse All Star High. The sneakers come in black and in the light brown you see on our photos. With their inner lining they keep your feet warm in any weather out there.

The GORE-TEX® features a very thin membrane layer that makes the sneaker waterproof. This material is not only perfect for the rainy months, but also lasts very long. So despite worse weather conditions you will have more of these shoes! You can read more about GORE-TEX here. The robust upper of the sneakers has passed our outdoor test without any problem!

Converse Chucks Suede
Converse Chucks autumn
Converse sneakers autumn

Utility All Terrain Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

With the Utility All Terrain Chuck Taylor All Star High Top you can choose from 3 colours. The All-Weather All Star is a trainer for all seasons and, you guessed it, all weather. The materials of this sneaker are robust and keep your feet dry. In addition we also get a warm fleece lining. This waterproof Chucks have a high cut and an extra large tongue.

The upper of the sneakers is made of a comfortable and robust leather. There are also stable round laces that can be laced up to the ankle. This not only looks pretty good, it also protects and warms you, just like winter boots. We have put the completely black colorway in the spotlight for you. Below you will also find the other colours that this model has to offer.

Converse Chucks all weather
Converse Chucks winter
Converse autumn sneakers