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Converse Renew comes again with different colorways

October 29, 2020 8:44 AM
Converse Renew comes again with different colorways

It has now been over a year since Converse launched the idea for the new Renew line. The main reason was to find a solution for the recycling of the many textile, cotton and canvas wastes. Earlier this year Converse already dropped a complete pack containing 8 different colorways on two different models! Once again it is time for a pack with the Converse Renew trainers. There are different models available in the most beautiful colorways made entirely of recycled material. Which ones there are, you can find below!

Converse is in the process of expanding and maintaining their upcycling textile capacities. This is done through 'Renew' thinking, an ongoing initiative to develop new innovative and sustainable ways for Converse products and bring them to the market.

Converse Renew

This time there will be three different models available in the most beautiful colours. The Renew collection consists of recycled Converse materials. Think of recycled cotton and used canvas waste. The canvas of, for example, the Chuck Taylor Crator consists for 50% of recycled polyester and 50% of recycled waste. This gives all materials a new life

All models and colorways are already available at Converse. Prices differ, but all release information per trainer can be found below with the links to the trainer! There is plenty of choice so there is something for everyone! Do you always want to be up to date with the latest releases and all updates? Then keep an eye on our release calendar.

Images by: Converse