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Converse Lugged 💥 chunky through the Summer

September 3, 2021 12:00 PM
Converse Lugged 💥 chunky through the Summer

The sneakers from Converse have been an integral part of the world's streets for years, dear community. Let's be honest, who of you has or has ever had a Chuck in their wardrobe? But today we're not talking about the classics, because this summer we're wearing chunky, platform and chunky!

In the sneaker world, the trend towards high platform soles and rugged silhouettes has grown a lot lately. Converse has designed a large number of Chuck models to cater for this trend.

Feel free to click through our Converse Platform Top 10 for a little inspiration.

1. Chuck Taylor All Star Move High Top

This Chuck Taylor All Star Move is ultra-lightweight and has a chunky platform sole, but it doesn't look quite as chunky as models we'll introduce in a moment. The high top also features an OrthoLite insole for cushioning, making the Chuck extra comfortable.

2. Converse Platform All Star Lugged

Designed in Italy, this style has been given a vintage look with faded canvas and weathered rubber detailing on the sole. Chunky, retro and simply special.

outdoor sneakers

3. Platform Pro Leather

This low-cut Platform Pro Leather is made entirely of leather. The sneaker is all white, which fits in well with the current trend, and has a wide white platform sole as a highlight.

white plateau shoes

4. Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Platform

Want to get your hands on a totally unique pair? Create your own design with the custom Chuck Taylor All Star Platform. Choose a special pattern or a great colour to suit your taste.

Click on the image or the button to go directly to the options.

converse customize

5. Trek Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

Hands up, who among you wants to opt for more height and more comfort? Then this eye-catching Chuck Taylor All Star might be the right choice, updated with an outdoor look. The outsole has deep grooves for added support, extra cushioning and added style. An absolute eye-catcher!

6. Converse x Keith Haring Run Star Hike High Top

If you're into art, you'll probably recognise Keith Haring's drawings on this Run Star Hike. His progressive art is shown off to great effect on this black, white and red Converse with a chunky look.

7. Archive Print Run Star Hike Low Top

This low version of the Run Star Hike is sure to get you noticed. It combines classic 1980s camouflage and leopard print with organic canvas for an exciting look.

The eye-catching sole also provides height, support and eye-catching appeal here, and animal prints are also totally on trend in 2021.

8. Festival Run Star Hike High Top

This version of the Run Star Hike has been given a summery touch with an eye-catching zip. The new closure makes the shoes easier to put on and take off and the upper has a tie-dye-like print in neutral tones.

Your new trend look for summer?

9. Run Star Motion

Go big or go home. The very latest Converse Run Star Motion has got this mega sole. The higher sole and CX foam in the midsole provide ultimate comfort with every step. The upper stays true to the classic All Stars. A statement shoe!

10. Converse x Space Jam: A New Legacy Run Star Motion

Have you seen the new Space Jam movie yet, dear community? This Run Star Motion is even more eye-catching with its special Space Jam: A New Legacy print. To celebrate the release of the new movie, the colour combination of the shoe is inspired by it.

That was our Converse Platform Top 10, and you can also check out all the Chuck models in our sneaker search engine.

We'll also keep you up to date with the latest sneaker trends, leaks, rumours and facts on Instagram. See you there!