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Concepts and Nike SB come up with a Dunk Low 'Orange Lobster'

May 23, 2022 8:23 PM
Concepts and Nike SB come up with a Dunk Low 'Orange Lobster'

Concepts and Nike SB have been working together for a long time. In 2008 the first Nike Dunk Low SB 'Red Lobster' was released. In the years that followed, another blue, yellow, purple and green colorway werde released and the series got pretty famous. Now, in 2022, the popular series will probably be expanded with an 'Orange Lobster'. When exactly the sneaker will be dropped is unfortunately not yet known, but we expect this to be in 2022.

The previously mentioned purple and green colorways have come out as a combination of the first three releases, as red and blue turns to purple and blue and yellow turns to green. The new 'Orange Lobster' seems to be a mix between the red and yellow version now.

As the name suggests, the sneaker has a number of recognisable details that refer to the lobster. The most striking detail is an elastic band tied around the nose of the Dunk. This elastic band is normally wrapped around the claws of the lobster during cooking. The orange colorway is finished with a black midsole and an orange outsole.

Unfortunately we don't know yet when the sneaker will be released, but we expect this to be in 2022! Keep an eye on our release calendar for updates! Check out the first mock-up below!

Orange lobster