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Christmas at PUMA: up to 30% sale on gifts and more

December 8, 2020 6:56 PM
Christmas at PUMA: up to 30% sale on gifts and more

Christmas at PUMA: A great sale is waiting for you. You have the possibility to get up to 30% discount on your PUMA purchase. So if you are looking for a cool gift for your loved ones you can use the code: PRESENT and you can save a lot of money. If you only buy one item from the shop, you will save 20% and from two parts on 30%. Maybe you'll find a nice Christmas present and a nice accessory and you'll have the 30% in your pocket!

If you want to look around yourself directly, just click on the button. For those who stay tuned, I put together some cool offers.

RS-2K Internet Exploring Sneaker

Since we from Sneakerjagers have our focus on sneakers, we start directly with the RS-2K, a total trend sneaker. If you buy the RS-2K separately, you can save 20% and buy the shoe for 93,54€. But if you add another part of the offer, you can save 30% on the total price and get the RS-2K for 81,84€. Let's see what else you can give away with it down below.

Christmas at PUMA

Even more gift ideas

PUMA has its own gift guide on the website. There you can easily sort your results by gifts for children, her or him and you will surely find something suitable. PUMA has also created categories and sorted them by different types. For example, women have a special category for fitness queens or men have a category just for football or motorsport fans.

I've picked out the category Fitness and show you some cool gift ideas for fitness fans. First we start with two tracksuit jackets for him and her. The jackets are already on sale and therefore they are not reduced again. The jacket for men is available for only 46,78€ and the jacket for women for 68,18€.

Christmas at PUMA
Christmas at PUMA

You can also give small accessories such as bracelets or water bottles. Such things are always needed as sportsmen and also save your wallet. By the 30% by the code: PRESENT the bracelets are available for 5,42€ and the drinking bottle for 10,23€.

Christmas at PUMA

There are also great gifts for children

For example, the PUMA children's jersey is currently part of the gift promotion. The jersey is available in black/white and red and thanks to the promotion it can be bought for only 8,83€. Additionally I have chosen the PUMA x SEGA kids backpack. It is available for boys in black and blue and for girls in pink or vice versa. The backpack is available in both colours for 27,26€.

Just click on the picture to go directly to the offer.

Christmas at PUMA

Christmas at PUMA - Give away sneakers

Last but not least I have picked out two more PUMA sneakers for you to give to your loved ones for Christmas. One of them is the ladies sneaker 'Cali Wedge', which is available with the 30% discount for 68,20€. The second one is the Future Rider Sneaker for men. You can buy it thanks to the code: Present for 61,38€. Both sneakers are extremely popular at the moment.

Do not forget the code: PRESENT.

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