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Check out the new Converse Run Star Motion

June 15, 2021 8:54 PM
Check out the new Converse Run Star Motion

We're a big fan of the relatively new silhouette of the Run Star Hike from Converse. On Wednesday, 16 June 2021, at 10AM, a brand new chunky silhouette with the equally new CX technology will arrive: the Run Star Motion in a black colorway.

The New Run Star Motion | 171545C 

A characteristic feature of the new silhouette is of course the sole, which runs across the sides of the shoe in a serrated or wavy pattern. The striking profile of the sole, which we already know from the Run Star Hike, is also found here in a slightly different and, above all, even more striking form.

The midsole is off-white, while the outsole is black at the heel and beige at the ball of the foot. The upper is typically made of black canvas and the All Star logo is traditionally found on the ankle. White laces complete the look.

The new Run Star Motion brings with it the classic Converse design lines and vibes that we and all fans have loved for countless years! But it's all taken to a new level with exciting proportions. The new Run Star Motion design, like many parts of the CX series, proves that Converse has made huge strides in comfort and forward-thinking design in recent years!

Run Star Motion

#TheCrew Backgroundcheck

Converse's CX toolkit, which debuted on 10 March 2020 and represents innovation and new comfort, is also the basis for the brand's latest drop, the Run Star Motion.

This summer, however, a total of three new silhouettes are getting a radical shape: the Weapon CX, the Run Star Motion and the Active CX. The latter is perhaps the most ambitious version, as it aims to combine the aesthetics of a running shoe with a daily driver suitable for urban use.

CX Converse

A company will not live beyond 100 years if it rests on its laurels. This was exactly the motivation of the designers and developers of the new looks.

At Converse, CX stands for a combination of tradition, development and forward-looking comfort. The toolkit includes: CX Stretch Canvas, CX Foam and a rubber outsole. The canvas is ultra-light and comfortable, making it super easy to put on and take off. The new CX Foam is an inventive pairing of proven foams, while the rubber outsole ensures flexibility and durability.

Innovation through a little discomfort

The new designs may well be perceived as controversial. But just like Tinker Hatfield, who once said that some great creations are not understood at first, Russo also formulates:

"Growth comes from discomfort. I think it's a healthy thing when something is shown to people and they're like, 'I don't know about that.' You get a debate, you get discussion, you get input. Some people say, “Hey, I get it,” and others are like, 'I don't.' But there is a confidence that comes from knowing that you’ve gone through the process, that everything is lined up and it’s been built and designed for the right reasons."

Phil Russo, VP Design and Innovation at Converse
Run Star Motion Converse Drop
Converse Run Star Motion

The Weapon CX mentioned above will probably be released in autumn 2021. The Aeon will be released at the end of 2021 in collaboration with Samuel Ross. Stay up to date with our release calendar to find out when new models or colorways will be released. On Instagram we also keep you informed about the hottest news from the sneaker scene!