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BSTN opens shop in London 

January 31, 2023 11:21 AM
BSTN opens shop in London 

Premium sneaker and clothing retailer BSTN is finally going international. The streetwear giant is opening its third branch, and for the first time it's outside of Germany. From 28 January 2023, a BSTN shop can be found in the heart of London's Brixton district.

Shop design

The concept of the shop on Brixton Road is a mix of high-tech materials and retro-futuristic interiors. This creates a unique look unlike any other shop in the area. The creative brains behind this were Sunst Studio and BSTN's own creative director Duki Cvetkovic. They managed to transform the premises into the masterpiece that will open 28 January 2023.

One of the key elements of the shop is the ability to switch between different stylistic scenarios. This is noticeable from the moment you stand outside in front of the shop. A classic stone building from the outside and as you walk inside, the vibe changes completely. A futuristic interior with smooth monolithic surfaces of stainless steel and sanded concrete. That paired with the metal roof which is in the shape of a semicircle makes for a unique look.

Btsn Brixton sneakerrek
Btsn Brixton overview

BSTN: a location for the community

The Brixton store wants to be more than just a retailer on Brixton Road. Everywhere the retailer goes, it wants to be a worthy member of the community. Here, then, Brixton is certainly no exception. That is why BSTN will regularly feature activities on the top floor of the shop. These activities will include: Panel talks, workshops and charity events. This will allow BSTN to become a worthy member of the Brixton community.

Btsn Brixton 2e verdieping
Brixton Btsn Overview

From The South From The Heart

Both Brixton and BSTN come from the South. Brixton lying in the South of London and BSTN coming from the southern German state of Bavaria. With both, this is a feature of their identity. One they both take a lot of pride in. Which is why the BSTN store and Brixton is such a great mix.

As it says on the top of the shop. From The South. From The Heart.

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Btsn Brixton buitenkant

You can drop by BSTN from 28 January 2023 at 395-397, Brixton Rd, London SW9 7DG, United Kingdom or check out their collection online using the button below. Check our website to stay up to date on the latest sneaker news. For the latest releases, you can also check out our sneaker release calendar.