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Birkenstock en Vogue 🔥 History and models of the brand

July 2, 2021 9:00 PM
Birkenstock en Vogue 🔥 History and models of the brand

Health slippers? That was once upon a time. Anyone who hasn't noticed the eco-footwear trend must have flown to the moon with Elon Musk. Everyone outside the fashion scene knows that Birkenstocks are in. Young people, celebrities and even mums and dads are now wearing the sandals, whether as slippers or for going out. So let's take a closer look at the history of the German brand and all its models.

240 years of company history

In 1774, that is 247 years ago, the shoemaker Johann Adam founded the company 'Birkenstock' in Langen-Bergheim in Hesse. Thereupon, the family developed health-promoting footbeds for generations. They also published books and gave lectures on foot well-being.

So it's no wonder that Birkenstocks were the reincarnation of comfortable health slippers. Who would have thought back then that the slippers would one day walk the catwalks in Paris.


Spokesperson Jochen Gutzy replies to the question of how this success could have come about: "We never adapted". The brand bears no responsibility for this, he says, rather it was the consumers and the fashion world that moved towards them. Birkenstock would always have had a certain coolness factor. "From the surf scene in California to the grunge movement of the 1990s - Birkenstock has always been there," says Gutzy.

The company and the general public see the years 2012/2013 as decisive for the success. The family business, consisting of 38 companies, was restructured into a group and for the first time two non-family managers were in charge. They turned existing things upside down, condensed processes and created new transparent structures, explains Gutzy. "Since then, we have literally experienced a brand explosion."


Oliver Reichert, head of Birkenstock, lives the company's distinctive down-to-earthness. He was quoted in a US magazine as saying: "I don't give a shit about fashion."

He rejects influencer marketing, and twelve collections, as the fashion chain Zara is wont to do, he finds "nonsense". The Birkenstock boss is not shy of the media. He regularly appears as a speaker at conferences of 'Zeit' magazine and Vogue at Berlin Fashion Week. Birkenstock has profited greatly from his awareness of fashion and social trends in recent years.

Birkenstock Model

Unsurprisingly, such a long-standing company also has a lot of different styles. We now show you the most popular silhouettes and also a Birkenstock sale selection. Here you will also find an overview of shops that offer Birkenstocks and that we can really recommend. Unfortunately, there are hardly any Birkenstocks on sale at the moment.


With its two wide straps and adjustable buckles, the Arizona is the absolute classic among Birkenstocks. Travelling, walking, exploring - with this model you can really do it all and combine it either casually in your leisure time or in a business look.

Birkenstock Trend


Almost like flip-flops, but even better because healthier and more comfortable? That's the Birkenstock with the toe strap: Gizeh. Visually, the thong strap, which adapts well to the shape of the foot, makes for a narrower foot. In addition, I know from experience that you can also drive a car with this version because the shoe offers a lot of support.

Gizeh Birkenstock Trend
Gizeh Birkenstock


Admittedly, I haven't seen this model on men's feet that often. But it is all the more popular with women, because the Madrid is a little more elegant than its siblings thanks to its one strap with adjustable buckle. At the same time, it loses a bit of support, but the comfort remains.

Madrid Birkenstock
Madrid Birkenstock

Further variants and new styles

In addition to the classic models, the German brand also launched several other models, or rather new twists and design elements.


The Birkenstock Tema is sportier than its siblings, especially thanks to its eye-catching velcro fastening. The mix of materials also makes it a real eye-catcher.

Birkenstock Tema neuer Style
moderner Twist Birkenstock Tema

Birkenstock Kyoto

The Birkenstock Zurich inspired the cool Kyoto. Particularly striking on the design is the individually adjustable buckle that ensures a good hold and is completed by two decorative rivets.

Birkenstock Kyoto - Desert Buck "Whale Grey"
Birkenstock Kyoto - Desert Suede "Gray Taupe"

Big Buckle

The Big Buckle spices up some of the classic silhouettes. The grey Birkenstock shoe is even on sale at 43einhalb. Just click on the photo to see the offer.

Big Buckle Birkenstock Sale
Birkenstock Big Buckle


The models made entirely of EVA are particularly suitable for the summer. This is a plastic that is high-quality, odourless, tested for harmful substances, waterproof and skin-friendly. It also stands out for its lightness, elasticity and, of course, comfort. These two colour explosions are available at OFFICE in the Birkenstock sale for €40 instead of the original €55.

Arizona Two Strap Sandals
Bold Jade Eva
Arizona Two Strap Sandals
Vibrant Yellow Eva

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