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Birch colored clouds - Above The Clouds X ASICS GEL-1090 'Birch'

April 3, 2020 6:15 PM
Birch colored clouds - Above The Clouds X ASICS GEL-1090 'Birch'

Anima Sana In Corpore Sano. No, there's no Latin lesson now. Also for today I will show you a collaboration that has a deep philosophical background of a well-known Japanese brand. Also Above The Clouds x ASICS GEL-1090 'Birch'. So it's two brands - one tree..uhhh..shoe!

Also in my blog today I am explaining the meaning of the above mentioned Latin sentence and what it has to do with the brand ASICS, as well as the new GEL-1090. Get ready for a bombshell collab that inspires and also delivers an extremely good shoe!

Release Information

Before we start with the details of the shoe and the background information, here is the release info. If the picture above has already convinced you and you want to have the shoe right now, then watch out: The new Above The Clouds x ASICS GEL-1090 'Birch' will be released on April 4, 2020 at midnight at selected retailers. Also you will be able to call this good piece your own for €139 and enjoy a lot of comfort and unique design. Of course you have to know where exactly you can get the new sneaker. In case, just click on the button below to get to a list of all retailers. ⬇️


Background facts about the Japanese brand

Anima Sana In Corpore Sano. This is the second time you read this phrase and if you translate it into English. It means: "A healthy mind in a healthy body". A proverb that still determines the company's policy and philosophy behind every single product of the ASICS brand today.

Some of you may already know: ASICS is an acronym, the word formed from the initial letters of several other words. Well? Any idea which words form this acronym? Anima Sana In Corpore Sano. ASICS. The founders of the Japanese brand came up with something creative when they changed the name of the Onitsuka Tiger brand in 1977. Yes, ASICS was not always called that. Because the founder, Salaryman Kihachiro Onitsuka, was convinced that sport could make a positive contribution to the development of young people in his home town Kōbe. Out of this incentive, he founded the company Onitsuka Tiger and started producing high-quality sneakers.

The Australian sneaker retail store "Above The Clouds" gave this brand history a new meaning. A flawless design was created on the silhouette of the GEL-1090, a sports shoe that first appeared on the market in 2003 and is therefore a relatively new model from ASICS.

Now we come to the details of the shoe:

Above The Clouds x ASICS GEL-1090 'Birch' - The Details

Sometimes less is simply more. The design of this collaboration definitely proves that. At first sight the shoe makes a simple impression. However, thanks to the striking blue accents, it quickly tempts you to take a closer look. The color of the entire upper + midsole is kept in off-white tones, i.e. white, which is in the direction of beige. Mudguard and heel appear in a leather, while toe box, the rest of the upper and the tongue shine in a slightly lighter mesh. The Tiger Stripes on the side of the shoe are kept transparent to keep the color of the upper material. Up to here the shoe makes a solid, trendy and well combine able impression. But now the really special part:

Now we come to the bright blue accents that are spread all over the shoe. The actors of Above The Clouds have come up with something special for the design of the Above The Clouds x ASICS GEL-1090 'Birch'. They wanted to give the above proverb a meaning and let it flow into the design. Translated into English, the proverb is: "Sound Mind, Sound Body." Appropriately, the following was immortalized on the tongues of the shoes. On the right shoe "Mind" and on the left "Body". Both with blue stitching. A call to do each step on purpose and to be reminded of the concept of a healthy mind and a healthy body. The blue can also be found as stitching in the lacing area as well as on the prints of the shoe.

Last but not least detail

Of course the shoe would not be complete without an "Above The Clouds" branding! This can be found in white, on birch suede on the heel strap, as well as on the branded gel insoles. There is even a special edition box available. But this is supposed to be a surprise and has not been presented yet.


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