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'Be cool to all': Vans x Chris Johanson

March 16, 2021 6:30 PM
'Be cool to all': Vans x Chris Johanson

'Plants. Animals. Insects. This collection is dedicated to all living things', writes Vans on its official website. Because of their shared passion for surfing, the ocean and art, the brand has teamed up with artist and musician Chris Johanson for a collaboration. They explicitly celebrate sustainability and environmental protection, which is why the products were made from organic cotton and recycled natural rubber. They also tried to produce as little waste as possible. All this to give our planet a break. Be cool to all!

How sustainable is the collection really?

The cotton is 100% organically grown, which means that neither genetically modified seeds nor synthetic pesticides were used.

Vans' natural rubber is a brand new eco-rubber compound. So instead of synthetic rubber, the sole is made from natural rubber, which is naturally harvested responsibly. Since 1996, Vans has been known for the grip and durability of their kicks, and the same goes for the natural rubber compound.

Vans x Chris Johanson / Kautschuksohle

Vans also recycled the textile fibres. To do this, they shredded leftover material from the cutting area of the factory and worked it into the outsoles. For the total weight of the sole, these scraps make up less than 1%, but at least less waste was created. Again, this is applied to the Authentic™ SF and Destruct SF.

1 T-shirt = 5 Plastikflaschen Vans x Chris Johanson
100% Bio Baumwolle Vans x Chris Johanson

One T-shirt includes five plastic bottles. They are made of 60% recycled polyester and 40% recycled cotton fabric, which are actually made from plastic water bottles and industrial cotton waste.

Sounds pretty green so far, but we're still not at the end. Vans also expanded the footbeds. The UltraCush™ cushioning foam, combined with a top layer of cork, ensures comfort and dry feet. Finally, the laces are also made of 100% jute. It is grown with minimal water consumption and is considered a fast-growing, renewable crop. (*You can find all the information again at Vans.)

Our favourite pieces of the collection

You've already seen the sneakers of the collab and what can we say, we think they're all cool. Above all, we're excited about the message that Vans wants to send out to the world together with Chris Johanson. For fans, here are our favourite pieces from the collection, although you are of course welcome to browse the whole selection here.

Chris Johanson - artist and free spirit

Chris Johanson's works are very colourful and reflect life. In this way, he asks himself and the world: what danger are we exposed to through consumption? He also explores cult spirituality and self-help in his art. He started his career in the Northern California punk scene, where he created posters, among other things.

Today, his collection includes paintings, drawings, installations and sculptures. In his early work, we recognise humour and cartoon-like aesthetics, which he implements with materials such as wood and paper from rubbish containers and construction sites. Currently, Johanson works with particular forms and conceptual ideas, as the collaboration beautifully shows.

In our Sneaker News we always show you all the new products in the sneaker scene. Sustainability is also a big topic here. You can also get updates there, just like in our release calendar or in our app.

Always remember: we have only one planet and only one body. So be good to yourselves and your environment!