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Asphaltgold's new 'Homecoming' capsule collection

December 17, 2021 4:00 PM
Asphaltgold's new 'Homecoming' capsule collection

Sneaker retailer Asphaltgold has its own capsule collection called 'Homecoming'. The motto of the collection is "There's no place like home!". During the Christmas period, this saying is even more affirming. Everyone is with their family or friends during this time. The new collection is dedicated to this unique feeling.

'Homecoming' collection

Asphaltgold x Golden Bear Varsity Jacket

In the 'Homecoming' collection of Asphaltgold, one item immediately stands out. The Asphaltgold x Golden Bear Varsity Jacket. The jacket has sleeves made of cow leather in a light cream colour. The body of the jacket is dark green and made of melton wool. On the back it says 'Never Really Gone', hinting at the theme of the collection.

The chest of the jacket reads 'Distant memories of a place I used to know so well'. With this quote, Asphaltgold makes you think back to the lunches with your grandparents, the movie nights with your family and the evenings in the pub with your friends.

On the other breast is a large 'A' for Asphaltgold. At the bottom of the same panel is the year of birth of the sneaker retailer and 'never gone'.

The price of this jacket is €699.00.

Asphaltgold x Golden Bear Varsity Jacket
Asphaltgold x Golden Bear Varsity Jacket

Asphaltgold hoodie & longsleeve

The collection also includes a grey hoodie. On the chest is the Asphaltgold logo in dark green, which matches the varsity jacket. The jumper has a boxy fit, which makes it oversized. The hoodie is pre-washed. This means that the jumper will not shrink after the first wash. This keeps the boxy fit oversized.

The long-sleeved T-shirt is white with the same text on the chest. Both items are 100% cotton and have a loose to oversized fit.

The jumper costs €99.00 and the long-sleeved t-shirt costs €45.00.

Asphaltgold hoodie
Asphaltgold longsleeve

Asphaltgold crewnecks

The latest items in Asphaltgold's 'Homecoming' capsule collection are two crewnecks. The left crewneck is in the same grey colour as the hoodie. It has 'Memories' embroidered on the chest. The back is blank.

The right crewneck is black. The 'A' of Asphaltgold is embroidered on the chest in orange. On the back it says 'Never Really Gone' in small orange letters.

Like the hoodie, both crewnecks are pre-washed, so the oversized fit remains oversized. The jumpers are made of cotton and produced in the United States.

Both crewnecks cost €89.00.

Asphaltgold homecoming crewneck grijs
Asphaltgold homecoming crewneck zwart

Asphaltgold's 'Homecoming' collection will be released on Friday 17 December at 6pm. The items will arrive before Christmas if you order them in time, so you can also put the items on your wish list.