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Alexander McQueen Sneaker on Sale - Designer for cheap

September 27, 2020 9:25 AM
Alexander McQueen Sneaker on Sale - Designer for cheap

What's up Community, some time ago, we took a closer look at Alexander McQueen, as a brand and their sneakers. If you missed that, you can get to the blog post via the link, where you can read all about the British luxury brand. Today it's all about the sneakers again, but only the ones you can get for cheap on sale. Some suppliers have end of the season sales and therefore some Alexander McQueen sneakers are in the sales. . Altogether we have three Alexander McQueen Oversized Runners and two Oversized Sneakers are waiting for you. You can always get to their product page via the pictures.

Alexander McQueen Oversized Runner

Let's get started right away with a real firecracker, which made it into the sale here. The Oversized Runner from the current season, where the actual seams have been painted black to give the shoe a new design touch.

At HBX you can buy the shoe for an incredible 60% less than the actual retail price. The shoe costs only 271€.

Alexander McQueen Sneaker Sale
Alexander McQueen Runner

The next Alexander McQueen sneaker on sale is the all white version, with transparent details at the heel, that give the shoe a highly interesting touch. Which stands out with every outfit.

This version of the Oversized Runner has Farfetch on sale for 343€.

Alexander McQueen Oversized Runner im Sale
Alexander McQueen Oversized Runner

Last but not least, a dark Colorway of the Alexander McQueen Oversized Runner, made it into the sales department. The leather upper varies between light grey, dark grey and black shades to give the shoe the necessary variety, that such a high-end sneaker deserves.

Like the white Oversized Runner, this McQueen is also in the Farfetch Sale, but it costs 392€, so it is a bit more expensive than its white counterpart.

Alexander McQueen Runner
Alexander McQueen Sneaker im Sale
McQueen Runner

Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneaker

Of course a few Alexander McQueen Overiszed Sneakers also made it into the sales.

The first of the two, is a dark Colorway. The dark blue calfskin, from the middle of the sneaker on, is covered by velvet in a different shade of blue, to make the shoe look more dynamic. Exactly that is what we succeeded in doing, the actually dark sneaker gets a completely different vibe through the colour change, which makes it look much better.

The model is currently in the HBX and is available there for 438€.

Alexander McQueen Sneaker im Sale
Alexander McQueen oversized Sneaker

The last Alexander McQueen Sneaker currently on sale is a white/grey version of the Oversized Sneaker. The upper is in a very light grey tone, which almost goes through as white. The sole on the other hand is a clear grey. A light sneaker with very light dark tones, so the sneaker also looks great with grey clothes.

This shoe is available at Louisaviaroma for 316€.

Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneaker im Sale
Alexander McQueen oversized shoe