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adidas ZX - new, innovative but always with an eye on the beginnings

July 29, 2020 10:26 AM
adidas ZX - new, innovative but always with an eye on the beginnings

The history of the adidas ZX family goes way back in time! In 1984, the new design was build to meet the needs of the runners as best as possible. Today you see adidas ZX models in street style and on the streets of the world, but their origins in sport are still fundamental. That's why adidas has now turned a few screws and with the new ZX models you are not only fashionable but also innovative and superbly equipped.

Let's take a closer look at this today, because adidas itself says about its new sneakers: The innovative spirit of the ZX has been combining technology and style since 1984. The new ZX collection bridges the gap between running shoe history and innovation - with eye-catching statement colorways.

A sneaker series with history

The running concept of the 80s that adidas put into their ZX range is still embodied in the style and functionality of the various ZX models today. What is celebrated today in everyday life for its comfortable features and retro style was innovative in the world of sports at the time. And that's what we want to take up today and see what adidas has come up with in the ZX range.

If you're interested in the eventful history that has shaped adidas' ZX models over the years, you can read a blog about it here! You can also read all about the legendary ZX Torsion System and the different styles that make up this range.

We all know the ZX models that have different numbers in their name and have been inspiring street style for years. For some time now there are also more modern looks from the ZX series. Among them for example the ZX 2K Boost or the ZX 2K 4D Sneaker. The ZX 2K Flux is also brand new in the sector, but more about that later. On August 1st, 2020 some of the new styles we are talking about today will release in a different look and in pretty chic colorways. If you like the sneakers, click on the respective button and also the pictures will take you directly to the shoes!

adidas ZX - that's new:

The development of ZX technologies and styles has been shaped by innovation, new techniques and also culture for years. What began as a running shoe pointing the way to the future is now an icon in streetwear.

And the ZX 2K Boost? This is a silhouette inspired by creativity and the ZX heritage, embodying the modernity of development. Inspired, how could it be otherwise, by sports shoes, it is designed for a comfortable and dynamic everyday life. The colorway that we have chosen for you here is a perfect example of how to make you and your new sneaker shine like you two deserve it. The upper made of mesh with TPU overlays provides a great fit on the foot and the comfort of ZX is traditionally unbeatable.

adidas ZX
ZX adidas
ZX 2K Boost adidas

The ZX family is also well known for their extra support on the upper and we can find that also with the ZX 2K Boost. As you can hear it by its name, even the legendary adidas Boost technology you can find here!

At adidas some chic new colorways in this style are releasing on August 1, 2020. A sporty, modern style on a silhouette with history! If you don't want to miss this, click on the button below to go directly to the selection at adidas! There you can also set a reminder, so you won't miss the release of your new darling!

The button also gives you a selection of the new ZX 2K 4D Colorways and models that we would like to introduce to you now:

Innovative technologies and customary good style

ZX 2K 4D - quite complicated at first sight! But once again, adidas proves the highest level of innovation with a ZX model. The sole you see here comes out of a 3D printing process. The midsole is produced by means of digital light synthesis from light, oxygen and liquid resin. This gives you an incomparable wearing comfort. This is complicated? So you can read more about the technology in detail here.

Typical for a ZX model, the sneaker comes with an upper made of light mesh and overlays. The TPU reinforcement at the heel is also a must! We have chosen a black colorway with a colorful sole, which underlines the innovative look once again. But also here you can look forward to new colorways on August 1st!

Just click on one of the pictures and choose your favourite!

adidas ZX
adidas ZX 2K 4D

The adidas ZX Flux is also an important model from the adidas shelves. Now it's time for the ZX 2K Flux: a futuristic sneaker with running DNA. - adidas.

At August 1, we get a white colorway and a black one. The idea here: a classic sports shoe with high-quality materials and a modern look and equipped with a futuristic vibe. The knitted upper looks clean and contemporary. In terms of wearing comfort and cushioning, the model is in no way inferior to its ZX origins. We also get the TPU overlays that support the fit on the foot and the comfort while running. This is where retro meets modern, and the result is a really good style!

Even more ZX styles:

So these new adidas ZX styles continue the historic evolution of the ZX family and literally take the next step. New technologies are shaping our world and making the sneaker and sports scene a little bit better every day.

If you can't get enough of these adidas models, we have linked our own collection of ZX sneakers here. There you will find everything from the ZX 2K 710, over the models we presented you today, up to the classics like the ZX 10000 or 8000!

In addition to the ZX styles, the brand with the three stripes of course has some other legends in store! Whether Stan Smith, Superstar, LA Trainer, Nite Jogger or Ultraboost - it's always worth a visit to adidas! In our Sneaker News you will find great stories, nice collabs and extraordinary styles for all these styles!