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adidas ZX 8000 - these styles await us in 2020!

June 20, 2020 9:42 AM
adidas ZX 8000 - these styles await us in 2020!

A friendly hello to all adidas ZX 8000 fans and those who want to become one. Surely you have landed here because you want to know what else the popular running silhouette from adidas will surprise us with this year. Because as you've already read, today's release is about the adidas ZX 8000 styles, which will be released in 2020, i.e. this year.

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Because it's all about the entire history of the legendary adidas ZX family. But if you are here just for the ZX 8000, you can now look forward to some background knowledge and a lot of nice new colorways! Lets go!

Your #TheCrew background check

The adidas ZX 8000 model is special in many ways. If you already know all this, the next paragraph will take you straight to the news from this year. For everyone else: Here follow interesting facts about the special retro silhouette!

The adidas ZX 8000 has its stylish beginnings in the 80s/90s and still carries these retro vibes today. One reason why the style is so popular! In its design the sneaker has kept a lot from this time and also the reference to running/sport cannot be denied. Special features, both visually and functionally, are the TPU reinforcement at the heel, the lacing system and the sole technology. The lace tag at the end of the shoelaces should also be included. The upper of the sneakers is mostly mesh and leather, but over time we have seen almost every material on this silhouette.

It is important to mention the sole technology: In 1988, the so-called Torsion technology from adidas was used for the first time on a ZX 8000. This is based on the philosophy: "To ensure the freedom of movement from the back to the forefoot as well as possible and to provide additional support."

adidas ZX
adidas ZX 8000

adidas ZX 8000: Past, present and future at a glance

This model from the ZX family has recently received some new and special colorways. For example, the 'Lethal Nights Pack', which made one of the last adidas ZX 8000 appear in an animal look. Then there was the adidas 'Sakura Pack', in honour of the German-Japanese friendship. And the adidas ZX 8000 'Aqua' also enjoyed great popularity. Not to forget the 'No Walls Needed Pack' and many more styles join this history. In our Sneaker Collection and also in our Newsblog you will definitely find something under the keyword adidas ZX 8000!

But, we're here to find out what else is going on with the adidas ZX 8000, so here are 5 hot styles on this silhouette that we can expect to see later this year. We don't have the release information yet, but as soon as the day is fixed, you will get it directly from us! And then there is our release alert! You haven't seen it yet? We'll have more in a minute!

The adidas ZX 8000 'Blue/Pink' is expected to be available in July 2020. A bright, friendly colorway with, you guessed it, blue and pink accents. The upper comes in a shimmering blue tone combined with dark white suede elements. Nice! I can't wait! To stay up to date and be the first to know when the shoe finally comes out, you can set a release alert by clicking on the button and you will be notified by mail!


That's not enough paint for you? In summer 2020, color is definitely the order of the day, so we hope the adidas ZX 8000 'Vapor Pink' will be on the market soon! We get a bright colorway that combines all kinds of bright colors. The striking character traits of the silhouette are shown to their best advantage and you will be a real eye-catcher when the time comes!


A bit more simple, but still with enough color, the adidas ZX 8000 'Turqouise' comes along. A white upper, made entirely of leather, featuring yellow, light blue and purple accents. Retro vibes of the very best, I promise you! And remember: The Torsion System in the sole stands for the optimal freedom of movement from the back to the forefoot and the cushioning of the sole carries you comfortably from A to B.


adidas ZX 8000 in 2020 - even more styles:

The adidas ZX 8000 'Olympic Pack' matches the sporty silhouette. A white sneaker with red, gold and black details. Look for yourself, I think this calls for sports. And in many ways it fits in with the current trend: Retro, white sneakers and a running silhouette.


You could say that the best comes at the end, but that is of course a matter of taste. However, we've saved you a really fresh collab for the end! Because Atmos has also confirmed that they have taken on the adidas ZX 8000 silhouette and something really blatant has been created! Leather in neon green, shiny black accents and fur! That's all I'm saying, see for yourself. I already know how long the queue in front of the Atmos store in Tokyo will be! And how much is the fun? 14,000 yen in Tokyo? 130 US dollars? In Europe you can get the style for 150 Euro! So don't forget the release alert for the upcoming Atmos x adidas ZX8000 'G-SNK 3' collab!


Wow! So there's really a lot more to come in 2020 when it comes to the adidas ZX 8000, which colorway is your favorite? Feel free to write us at Instagram or Facebook!

If you didn't get enough of adidas ZX now, or if you just don't want to wait for the new releases, then we have linked our selection of adidas ZX sneakers here again! There is something from size 36, over 43 1/3 up to 46! Take a look. More content like this can be found in our Newsblog. Stay tuned!