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adidas ZX 2K Pure - These new products are waiting for you

February 12, 2021 7:00 PM
adidas ZX 2K Pure - These new products are waiting for you

Hi friends, this time it's about the new adidas ZX 2K Pure, which was released on 11 February at 0:00. I will introduce you to the new ZX models. Of course, we will also take a look at the past and the history of the ZX models.

The history of the adidas ZX models

It all starts in 1984, the adidas ZX500 is introduced as the first model in the series. At that time, adidas wanted to develop a shoe for all runners. The sneaker was supposed to be an all-rounder for any kind of training or surface. Ideal for every type of runner. The shoe soon found its way onto the streets and was increasingly regarded as a fashion shoe.

By 1988, hundreds of ZX models had been designed. In the same year, the ZX8000 with Torsion technology was released, which is still one of the most popular models in the series. Currently, there are again very beautiful colourways of the ZX8000 or the ZX1000. You can read more about the history of the ZX models here, for everyone else we continue with the adidas ZX 2K Pure novelties that will be released soon.

adidas Retro 80's

The adidas ZX 2K Pure

The difference between the classic ZX models lies not only in the design, but also in the new technology. The new models, for example the ZX 1K and ZX 2K, use Boost technology. The special thing about the Boost technology, which was developed with the chemical company BASF, is the reactive sole.

Thermoplastic polyurethane particles are processed into foam that acts like an air cushion for the foot. What shoe would this comfortable running technology be better suited to than the well-known ZX running range? That's why we're taking a closer look at the ZX 2K Boost Pure models.

adidas Originals

Let's start with the ZX 2K Boost Pure in the Core Black / Grey Six / Orange variant. The shoe costs 140€ and was released at midnight. The Boost sole will also carry you through strenuous days. The typical three stripes are only very subtly visible on this model. Click on the image to go directly to the shoe.

adidas ZX 2K Pure

We continue with the ZX 2K Boost Pure in the Cloud White / Grey Three / Orange colourway. The shoe was also released on 11 February at 0:00 and also costs 140€. It's basically the counterpart to the black ZX2K Boost Pure from above, this time only in white. What makes both shoes special are the orange accents on the heel and laces.

adidas ZX 2K Pure

adidas women Originals

There is also a special model for women coming out. The ZX 2K Boost in Core White / Hazy Sky / Glow Pink. With a more striking design, adidas promises long-lasting comfort. You can get the legendary ZX Spirit in a new look for 140€. The upper is made of TPU and textile.

adidas ZX 2K Pure

Which ZX models are still waiting for you

Before we take a little detour to the popular models from back then, I didn't want to deprive you of the ZX 1K Boost. Like the 2K models, the ZX 1K Cloud White / Core Black / Solar Yellow with some neon accents and the ZX 1K Glow Pink / Vapour Pink / Cloud White variant for women has been released.

Both shoes are also equipped with the super comfortable Boost technology and provide you with the corresponding wearing comfort. The advantage over the newer 2K Boost Pure models is the price. Both shoes cost 110€ each. If you like one of the shoes, just click on the corresponding image.

ZX Modelle

The adidas ZX OG's

At adidas, some of the well-known models from back then are available in new colourways and variants. Finally, I have picked out the adidas ZX1000. Inspired by the retro style of the 80s, I have the ZX1000 in complete white for you. The shoe costs 120€. Just click on the picture to get directly to the offer.

If you feel like browsing through all the OG models in the ZX range, just follow the link here and you're sure to find a retro classic at adidas. Have fun!