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adidas x Yohji Yamamoto: Sportswear meets designer

April 27, 2020 5:03 PM
adidas x Yohji Yamamoto: Sportswear meets designer

This collaboration is really something: adidas x Yohji Yamamoto shows us how sportswear combined with the creativity of a designer can become an absolute eye-catcher. Together they created the Y-3 line and proved that the combination of sport and design has a real chance for the future. In this blog you can read more about the designer Yohji Yamamoto and the collab with adidas. Have fun!

The Designer: Yohji Yamamoto

The famous Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto began his career by studying law. When he noticed that his heart was not beating for this field, he started another study: Fashion! Still today he is active in exactly this segment. He founded a clothing company named after him, which is now internationally known. After presenting his main collection in 1981 in Paris, he managed to enter the New York fashion scene one year later.

Yamamoto's style is really unique! A combination of old Japanese work clothes and modern, elegant sportswear gives his collection a postmodern touch. Streatwear different - but cool different. This is how I would describe his collection. But he designs not only clothes, but also accessories and especially shoes!

Together with adidas he designed the Y-3 line, but what exactly is behind it? Besides sportswear, this collection also includes accessories and sneakers. As you know, we are always looking for not only new but also interesting sneakers and the craziest collaborations. And in my opinion this one is really rad! But check it out:

The collaboration: adidas x Yohji Yamamoto

To take a quick look at the collab's clothing, let me show you what to expect from this collection. adidas itself describes the collection as a classic style with a touch of high fashion. It was rather worked with simple tones like black, dark blue or white. Besides, these sportswear are not cut the way we know it. The fascinating combination of a very wide cut and a tighter fit makes every outfit in the collection an eye-catcher, despite its simplicity.


But now we come to the interesting sneakers of the collection. Not only me, but adidas itself describes them as the craziest shoes in the adidas family yet. Here again, we mainly worked with rather plain colors. To give the collection a little color touch, some of the sneakers are also available in bright red or bright orange.

You can expect the usual adidas quality with the skilful use of Yamamoto's creative freedom. Some feature the designer's signature across the entire side of the shoe, while others feature a removable lacing system. Modern, innovative and crazy are probably the best descriptions for these sneakers. Let's take a look at some of these gems:

Y-3 Yohji Star

We already know the model from the adidas family, but the look is very unique. This shoe celebrates 50 years of adidas Superstar! Yohji Yamamoto gives this classic a crass makeover and gives the shoe a new shine. In addition to the upper material, the upper, lace-up placket, tongue and heel lining are also made of leather. On the padded tongue we find the Y-3 logo. The whole look of the shoe is completed by the signature of the designer on the outside of the sneaker.


This sneaker is available in two colorways: In black and white and all black with white logo. Those who know a little bit about the fashion industry know that the gem of the Japanese designer also has its price. For €280 this shoe can be yours.

Y-3 Raito Racer II

The Raito Racer comes with a breathable textile and suede upper. Together with the lightweight lacing system, the Boost midsole also promises a super comfortable feel. High fashion and the famous adidas technology have been combined to create a sylish sneaker that is also suitable for sports activities. This model is even available in four different colorways and costs you €250. One of the four colorways actually dares a little color, but see for yourself:

With click on the picture you get to the respective shoe:


Y-3 Kaiwa

I have to say, this sneaker really turns me on. The upper material of the Y-3 Kaiwa's is partly leather and partly synthetic. On this shoe we find the Y-3 logo not only on the tongue, but another time in the heel area. I especially like the slightly bulbous look of the shoe, which is created by the EVA midsole. On this we also find a Yohji Yamamoto lettering.


adidas Y-3 Kaiwa

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Y-3 Kaiwa

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What may not be obvious at first glance is that the shoe was inspired by a running silhouette. However, if you look more closely, you will see that this also creates a stylish minimalism. The Kaiwa is available in five totally different colorways. It costs €350 and is therefore one of the most expensive sneakers in the collection.

Y-3 FYW S-97

In my opinion this model is one of the craziest in the collection. The flexible primeknit upper fits your foot perfectly, giving you the perfect combination of support and flexibility. In this shoe we also find the Boost in the sole, which makes it even more comfortable to wear. The whole style is rounded off with an embroidered signature of Yamamoto on the outside of the sneaker.


At adidas you will find four colorways of this model. Especially the red sneaker stands out with its bright color! You can also get this shoe for €350.

Y-3: The last drop

In spring, Yamamoto's fourth and last collection in collaboration with adidas was finally launched. And what fits summer better than swimwear? And that's exactly what you can look forward to, because the new collection is available since March 26, 2020! With very light, transparent fabrics in neon colors and lively patterns, adidas x Yohji Yamamoto bring sportswear from the gym to the beach. I find some of the beautiful pieces particularly interesting, because they are part of a recycled collection and therefore only made of recycled materials.

On adidas you can already get impressions of the new swimwear! Besides classic swim trunks for him and swimsuits for her the collection convinces with two-piece suits, long-sleeved shirts for after the swim session and useful swimming accessories like a towel and a bag. The absolute highlight of the collection will be the bathing slippers, which in my opinion will put many sneakers in the shade.

Y-3: Let's go to the beach!

And so that you don't have to search for a long time, I've already collected some cool pieces from the adidas x Yohji Yamamoto collection for you. Let's start with the actual swimwear: Here you can see three swimming shorts for men and three different ways to dress for the beach for women. The women's clothing here is a bit more colorful than the swim trunks. They are also made of recycled materials. Click on the pictures to get to the respective piece.


As we have seen so far, the designer is into unusual and special pieces! Here comes the highlight of the whole Swimwear collection: Because also for the suitable footwear for the way to the beach is provided. The new Comfylette is equipped with a fat platform sole with comfortable cushioning. This ensures a very pleasant wearing comfort. The red model also comes with a strap for the heel. So you can decide for yourself: Bathing mat or sandal?


But unfortunately I have to inform you that these are no longer available.

In my opinion, a really blatant collaboration! If you're looking for more information about collabs of this kind, check out our Newsblog, you'll definitely find something there! In addition, our Release Calendar will tell you all the news from the sneaker world and won't let you miss a cool release. We are looking forward to your visit!