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adidas Ultraboost - The story behind the shoe

April 12, 2020 12:12 AM
adidas Ultraboost - The story behind the shoe

A special shoe with a special history. We all love it and are happy about every optimization and every new colorway. But what is the history behind the adidas Ultraboost? How did it come to be so popular so quickly? Let's start the Easter weekend with a little history lesson and take a look behind the scenes of the sneaker once known as a running shoe.

Boost - The Idea

Running shoes and sneakers have been around for many many years. Even adidas produced running shoes long before the Ultraboost. So how did you get the idea for the Boost sole? First of all the idea: As we know adidas strives for more and more and that's why they assume that there is no such thing as "perfect". Everything can always be improved. And so can the running shoe, because it is the most important instrument of every runner.

It all began with the idea of developing a shoe with a very special sole. This should not only be comfortable and soft for the runner, but also made of a material that absorbs and releases energy with every single step and every load of the runner. This thought process gave birth to the idea of the Boost shoe and the adidas Ultraboost story could be written.

by George Evans on Unsplash

Boost - The Conversion

It all began, 'how could it be' with years of research. But the idea of Boost technology did not just come from somewhere. Together with BASF, the adidas Innovation Team was developing this technology. For all those who don't know - BASF is a German chemical company. I've already told you what's behind the Boost technology in my blog 'adidas Ultraboost: The technology behind the shoe'. But for all those who haven't read the article or have already forgotten it, I'll gladly summarize it again in a short and concise way.


Boost consists of thermoplastic polyurethane particles. These particles are processed into a specific foam, which consists of small air cushions. This material is then called expanded thermoplastic polyurethane or eTPU.

Boost - The Advantages

Thanks to the Boost material, the adidas Ultraboost and other shoes with the sole offer us several advantages:

  1. The absorption and return of energy with every movement. This technology has revolutionized the running shoe industry and makes the Boost unique in its history and way of functioning.
  2. Boost offers the best comfort. adidas itself claims that you feel like you're running on clouds. And I believe that anyone who has a Boost-soled shoe at home can attest to that.
  3. Low temperatures and even high temperatures are no match for Boost. It can withstand extreme conditions.
  4. Its durability is excellent even under extreme conditions.
  5. In addition, Boost offers the optimal degree of flexibility!

Boost - The History

In 2013 the first running shoe with Boost midsole was introduced to the market. It was the adidas Energy Boost. But then, just two years later, it was replaced. Because it was the birth of our adidas Ultraboost. And it was no longer just a running shoe. It was a crossover of running shoe and sneaker for everyday use. Originally it was called "the best running shoe ever", but soon after it gained popularity in the streetwear scene.

Another change after the last two years was that now not only the midsole was equipped with the Boost technology, but the sole was 100% Boost. The adidas Ultraboost made history. Thanks to the primeknit uppers, which were designed to provide even better grip and stability.

As I mentioned earlier, adidas is always striving for more and better things. And that's how they continued with the Ultraboost. Year after year, there have always been the smallest changes and optimizations that make the shoe even better, more comfortable, more energy-reducing, more stable and and and... You can find more information about the different Ultraboost models in my blog 'adidas Ultraboost: The technology behind the shoe'.

And before I forget to mention it, the Ultraboost is of course not the only shoe with the Boost sole from adidas. Other models, such as the NMD, the Nite Jogger and also the Yeezy Boost have been equipped by the brand with the 3 stripes with this unique, high-tech technology.

adidas Ultraboost Uncaged

We wouldn't be us if we hadn't picked out some nice Ultraboost models for you. It would be unfair if we had made you so keen on this model and then just let you hang. So let's get started:

I will start with the adidas Ultraboost Uncaged. Like all Ultraboosts, it has a rubber outsole, a Boost sole and a Primeknit upper. Especially on this model is the sock-like entry which gives you a very good grip.

Click on the picture to go directly to the shoe.


adidas Performance Ultraboost 20

With this gem you not only have one of the latest Ultraboosts on your feet, but also a triple black to round off your all-black look. The integrated reinforcement in the upper provides that little bit extra grip and stability.

Click on the picture to go directly to the shoe.


adidas x Parley Ultraboost

Finally, I would like to introduce a very special Ultraboost. It was developed in conjunction with Parley. That means its upper is primeblue, made partly from recycled plastic waste. With this sneaker you are not only doing something good for your feet but also for the environment. If you're more interested in collaborating with Parley, check out one of my latest blogs: 'For the oceans, for the environment: adidas x Parley'!


I hope I was also able to get under the spell of the Ultraboost with the adidas Ultraboost history. If you still haven't read enough, check out our Newsblog, where we tell you everything about the world of sneakers every day. Now I wish you all a wonderful Easter and always remember: The adidas Ultraboost gives you ultra Boost with adidas! ?