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adidas Ultraboost Review: What are they really like?

April 18, 2020 9:23 AM
adidas Ultraboost Review: What are they really like?

Last week I told you a lot about the adidas Ultraboost, its technology, its history and the different models. Maybe some of you noticed that I am a big fan of these sneakers. I have a few pairs of these comfortable shoes at home on my shoe shelf. One thing I can say - I rock them almost every day! With this adidas Ultraboost review I would like to tell you why I am such a big fan of this model and in which situations I like to wear them most.

My recommendation: Stick with it to the end. Cause we've got some pretty cool information for you at the end. But first to the adidas Ultraboost Review - let's go! ?

How it all began

My great passion has always been sport. Even as a child I did a lot of sports and tried out many different kinds of sports. You will rather find less dresses, skirts or high heels in my closet. But instead you will find ripped jeans, sweatpants and lots of sneakers, because they create the perfect sporty everyday look for me.

In my search for great sneakers, I came across the adidas Ultraboost one day. That was several years ago now. In the end, I didn't really care much about the technology or the different models. Even more less about the history of the shoe at that time. The hype around this sneaker was enough to convince me. So I was looking for a cool colorway that would suit me and my look.

A little more than three years ago it was all about me: I had my first Ultraboost. An Ultraboost 2.0 in grey, with white midsole was now part of my collection. Unfortunately, this shoe is no longer available at adidas, but I picked out a similar model for you. With a click on the picture you get directly to the shoe:


Of course, I fell in love with the look of the shoe first. But even when I first wore it, it felt like walking on clouds. With the time I got to know and love not only the appearance but also the "inner values" of the shoe. Since then, an adidas Ultraboost has become an integral part of my shelf and feet.

Ultraboost Review - at sports

In my opinion, the adidas Ultraboost is one of the best shoes in the running shoe category. The sole with the Boost foam gives you energy back with every step. My favorites here are the Ultraboost 19 and the Ultraboost 20 model. The fact that these Ultraboost models only have 4 parts instead of 17 (a Primeknit 360 Upper, a Torsion Spring Plate, a heel cap and the Boost midsole), have 20% more Boost and have a special heel cap to protect the achilles tendon makes them perfect for long runs and especially long distances.

Whether in the forest, on the road or on dirt tracks, I have tested my original Ultraboost everywhere and could always rely on it. But not only when jogging, but also in the gym or during my home workouts the Ultraboost 20 is my most loyal companion. It provides me with the perfect grip, no matter what the movement and no matter what the surface. Here I have chosen my Ultraboost 20 for you. With a click on the picture you can go directly to the shoe:


Now you ask yourselves, why is she wearing a white shoe when jogging on dirt tracks? I can only give you the answer that I just love white shoes! But of course this model is also available in many different colors and even with a primeblue upper. This is a cooperation between adidas and Parley. If you want to know more, just click on the button below: ⬇️

Ultraboost Review - in everyday life

Also in everyday life I am often accompanied by my adidas Ultraboost. Not as often as when I do sports, but that's more because I have a fairly large sneaker collection and like to wear a different pair every day. But I especially like to wear the Ultraboost when I know that I have to stand the day or walk a lot. But also when I go for a long walk with my dog they should not be missing!

I can tell you one thing, last year I bought my mother a pair of Ultraboost (she is over 50), and today? She loves these shoes more than anything, because she can walk very comfortably in them, her feet don't hurt after standing for a long time and she likes to go for a long walk despite her broken knee! Well, if that doesn't speak for the Ultraboost, then I don't know either.

In everyday life I like to rock my adidas Ultraboost without laces. They have the advantage that with the knitted upper they fit your foot just as perfectly, almost like a second sock. And of course they also have the Boost technology. Premium on the whole shoe is that you can easily slip in, without a shoehorn or long laces, because the entry of the sneaker is very stretchy. Unfortunately this model is no longer available at adidas. But I have chosen a similar one and if you click on the picture, you will get directly to the shoe as usual:


Let's be completely honest. The most important thing is still that the sneakers have style and that we like the look, isn't it? Well, I think that's what all the Ultraboost have in common and the icing on the cake is that they are so ultra comfortable and practical. Click on the button below to see all Ultraboost in our Sneaker Collection: ⬇️

I hope you liked my adidas Ultraboost review and I was able to give you an insight into the shoe from my personal point of view. If you're more interested in such stories, then have a look at our Newsblog, there you'll find one or two cool stories about your favourite brands, sneakers or designers. Have fun browsing and don't forget: The adidas Ultraboost gives you with adidas ultra Boost! ?

Did you know…?

This may not be quite fitting for an adidas Ultraboost review, but we at Sneakerjagers have also looked at boost technology a few years ago. In cooperation with adidas we had the opportunity to design 8 different models with the miadidas creator about three years ago. One of the models was the PureBoost X. Unfortunately not an Ultraboost, but it contains the same technology. And of course we don't want to withhold this from you! ?

Here you can see the collab adidas x Sneakerjagers. Unfortunately these shoes are no longer available.

PureBoost X
PureBoost X
PureBoost X
PureBoost X