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Where to Cop: adidas Spezial autumn/winter collection for 2023

November 14, 2023 3:24 PM
Where to Cop: adidas Spezial autumn/winter collection for 2023

Designer Gary Aspden unveils an adidas Spezial collection every season, drawing inspiration from adidas' rich history. For the unveiling of the autumn/winter 2023 collection, none other than legendary Manchester United hero, Roy Keane, shines as the face of the campaign. This campaign showcases a diverse range of apparel and trainers, all of which will go on sale at adidas CONFIRMED and other retailers on 16 November 2023.

In this article you will find all release details at a glance:

Spezial Footwear

As in previous seasons, adidas Spezial's autumn/winter collection will again include several apparel pieces and sneakers. Seven new designs will be introduced for signature silhouettes. First up is the Moscrop 2 SPZL, a revised version of the Moscrop SPZL from the autumn/winter 2022 collection. This one comes in a light grey colour with an upgraded upper.

Hiaven SPZL
Moscrop 2

Another classic from the Spezial line also makes its return: the winter-resistant Hiaven SPZL. This time, the trainer comes in a black colorway, equipped with adi-Tex for protection.

We also see the Inverness, Englewood, Lawkholme and two colorways for the Samba.

adidas spezial

Spezial Apparel

In line with the growing demand for sustainable fashion, adidas Spezial is focusing on recycled fabrics this season. Showcasing the collection are two outdoor pieces: the now iconic Haslingden Jacket and the Moorfield Anorak.

adidas spezial
moorfield anorak

For those familiar with the signature SPEZIAL style, it will come as no surprise that this collection also includes a tracksuit. The Sudell TT and TP feature a striking extension of the timeless Mod Trefoil logo, subtly rendered in a mountain graphic.

adidas spezial

Besides these items, the collection includes T-shirts, polos, crewnecks and hoodies. Allowing you to create a layered look which is ideal for winter. Complete the look with accessories like the 'box logo' Beanie or the Chilcott Hat, a fleece-lined cap with foldable flaps.

adidas spezial
adidas spezial

Where to Cop?

The autumn/winter adidas Spezial collection will be launched on 16 November 2023 at midnight via the adidas CONFIRMED app. You can see all the other retailers for the trainers in an overview below. Please be aware, that some shops release the sneakers at 10:00 am. At some shops you also have to register for raffles.

In the meantime, you can check out the campaign featuring Roy Keane below! Curious about more Spezial trainers? Then click the button!

adidas Spezial 2023