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adidas shines ahead of FIFA Women's World Cup 2023

July 18, 2023 8:18 AM
adidas shines ahead of FIFA Women's World Cup 2023

The FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 will kick off on 20 July 2023, and it promises to be a spectacular battle in which several countries will be looking to secure the win. In the run-up to this massive event, adidas has played a major role in the preparations. From designing the official match ball to creating eye-catching kits and launching an inspiring campaign, adidas is showing itself fully ready for kick-off.

Official match ball OCEAUNZ

Let's start with the official match ball, which adidas has proudly designed for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023. This is not the first time the brand has had the honour of designing the ball for this tournament, it is no less than the ninth.


The match ball, OCEAUNZ, has been designed to meet the demands and speed of the modern game. With its colour palette of blue and green, inspired by the breathtaking Australian landscape and the vast mountains of New Zealand, the ball reflects the natural beauty of the two host countries.

Local artists, Chern'ee Sutton from Australia and Fiona Collis from New Zealand, contributed to the ball's unique patterns. In addition, OCEAUNZ incorporates symbols that represent the game, such as footballs and goals, beautifully reflecting the essence of football on the ball's surface.


Nature-inspired jerseys and collections

A proud partner of 10 different countries, adidas has also unveiled the away match jerseys. These jerseys are inspired by nature. Where each tenue reflects the unique characteristics of the country the team comes from. From the lush green forests of Germany to the glistening glacial rivers of Sweden and the colourful Caño Cristales River in Colombia.

adidas FIFA World
adidas FIFA World

adidas uses advanced innovations, such as HEAT.RDY and AEROREADY technologies, to keep players cool, comfortable and dry during matches. Allowing players to focus on their performance on the pitch. In addition, adidas also demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by manufacturing both the authentic and replica versions of the kits 50% from Parley Ocean Plastic.

adidas football kit

Next-generation icons campaign

Finally, adidas has created an impressive campaign focusing on the next generation of icons of women's football: Alessia Russo, Lena Oberdorf and Mary Fowler. This campaign, called 'Play Until They Can't Look Away', aims to generate more global attention for women's football and inspire young women and girls to follow in their footsteps.

The campaign is bolstered by well-known football legends and ambassadors of women's football, including David Beckham, Leon Goretzka, Ian Wright and Jenna Ortega. Together, they celebrate the skills and passion of Russo, Oberdorf and Fowler, while showing the world why women's football cannot be ignored. The campaign shows the players in action and nods to iconic moments from football's rich history.

As you have seen, adidas is fully committed to the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023. Through their innovative designs and commitment to women's football, adidas plays a crucial role in enhancing and promoting the tournament.

Are you already ready to fully support your favourite country at the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023? Check out our sneaker news to stay up to date and make sure to visit the adidas website to get yourself ready for the tournament: