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adidas Saint Florent, not Laurent, PS 'Multi'

April 14, 2020 4:58 PM
adidas Saint Florent, not Laurent, PS 'Multi'

As you, dear community, have probably already seen in our Release Calendar, the new adidas Saint Florent PS 'Multi' will be released on April 16, 2020 at midnight! The adidas shoe will be available for €150. But have you ever heard of this silhouette? As we are a sneaker community, we respect and cover every sneaker! If you have ever wondered what this shoe is about, you can find the information right here!

For those of you who already know this silhouette and want to buy the shoe - just click on the button below! We will take care of the forwarding and you take care of the coping!

Your #TheCrew Background Check

There is not much reported about the shoe, even on the adidas page you can hardly find anything. Except that this shoe has a boat shoe look and it was inspired by the adidas Island Series, which was released in the 80s. It's also a slip-on shoe and the Trefoil logo completes everything! - Have I taken your valuable time with this article? Actually not, because we won't let you down, dear community, and bring the detail check to the shoe here! Stay tuned!

'Saint Florent' not 'Saint Laurent'

The name of the shoe model rhymes with the luxury brand 'Saint Laurent', but has nothing to do with it! However, there is a French community on Corsica with the name 'Saint-Florent'! The village is called, also because of its Mediterranean flair, the Corsican 'Saint-Tropez'. What both villages have in common is that they are located by the sea and both have a 'harbour' or port - maybe this is how adidas came up with the model name for the wannabe boat shoe!

Details of the shoe

As you can see from the pictures, the sneaker is definitely colorful! This shoe won't be for everyone, but trying something different hasn't hurt anyone so far! The previous models were made of leather or a mixture of leather and suede. With this model adidas came up with something special, because this shoe was covered with a print. If you take a closer look, you'll see that this is a sea motif! The motif consists of fishes, shells, lobsters, squids and many more! The insole was not spared from this print style. There the adidas logo also got a gold-foil look! The laces, which run along the edge of the shoe, as well as the sole, finally give the shoe the boat shoe vibe! Here are some more pictures of the shoe!


If you're looking for something other than the silhouette of the adidas Saint Florent PS 'Multi', check out our Newsblog page where we'll keep you up to date!